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Reebok Q96 Performance Review

The Reebok Question is one of my favorite shoes to play in (nostalgia) so I was more than curious to see how the Reebok Q96 would hold up in comparison…

Reebok Q96 Performance Review 1

Traction – Not perfect but not horrible by any means… really depends on the courts condition; much like the original. I don’t know how Reebok makes such awesome translucent rubber but they manufacture the best – in my opinion. Its sticky and grippy… only down side is that it’ll stick to anything. So, dust or debris – even if minor – will have some affect on the traction. Just keep up with your wipes and you’ll be good to go.

Reebok Q96 Performance Review 2

Cushion – DMX foam… sigh. Its just not a good foam cushion. While it isn’t horrible… there are better setups. Step-in comfort is awesome due to the Ortholite insole but don’t mistake that for actual cushion. Once you start playing, the denseness of the DMX is felt and its pretty low profile; this wasn’t a problem for me personally but if you want or need cushion then an insole swap would be advisable or a different shoe altogether. The heel has a slightly better setup with an EVA crash pad in place but overall, the cushion is a little lackluster for those wishing to have a low profile and responsive ride.

Reebok Q96 Performance Review 3

Materials – 3D FuseFrame is used along most of the upper. What is 3D FuseFrame? It’s Reebok’s version of Fuse; nothing special really… reminds me a lot of the Crazy Light 3 upper. Then there are overlay panels which are leather based (nubuck at the toe on this pair) and I like that aspect quite a bit. Reebok has done a good job of blending the old and new together without any sacrifice to the fit and support of the shoe.

Reebok Q96 Performance Review 4

Fit – They run 1/2 size large and this is something that is somewhat of a pet peeve of mine. What if there were no reviews, YouTube Videos or consumer reviews on this product? I would have bought a sz 9 because Eastbay says they run true to size.

As far as lockdown is concerned, its really nice… after you get your correct size. Midfoot lockdown is great while the heel is far superior than the OG model. Padding isn’t abundant which is one of the cool aspects of the original but this didn’t hinder their performance at all. I was satisfied with the overall fit… after I tried them on of course.

Reebok Q96 Performance Review 5

Ventilation – The original had horrible ventilation… these do not. Enough said.

Reebok Q96 Performance Review 6

Support – Overall support comes from the fit and lockdown. This could be an issue for those that are unaware that they run large. If you get the appropriate size then you’ll be please. Sitting low to the ground with the slightly wide-set midsole offers great lateral support and stability… the little outrigger doesn’t hurt either. Inside the shoe there is a heavy duty internal midfoot shank and it adds the perfect amount of torsional support which rounds these out pretty nicely.

Reebok Q96 Performance Review 7

Overall – The Reebok Q96 is definitely an upgrade from the Reebok Question. It’s pretty much undeniable at this point. While there are still things that I would’ve liked to have seen added to make these better than they are… they aren’t horrible at all. Actually a good solid performer on-court. Yes, there are better options but that always depends on what you are looking for. Add an insole and you’ll have yourself a decent shoe.

Reebok Q96 Performance Review 8

  1. Another great review as always. Was always curious about these because im not aware of them being available here in the ph. This does get me curious on the pump models, because well pump is pump.

  2. Look so that’s why you haven’t been doing many reviews these last few weeks.You ripped this review out pretty quick.

  3. I want to try these. But not at the price that they are selling these over here. I’ll wait until their prices drop first. Lol

  4. Nightwing, which low-top out on the market right now would you consider the best? ( except for the Kobe 8, already have 2 pairs)

    /Axel from Sweden

  5. i think its a little known fact that reebok has a decent amount of space in the toebox area, enough for someone with WIDE feet.. and if you have pretty average feet then going down .5 is a must.. for all reeboks mind you..

  6. Nightwing, I remember you saying that the Reebok Question was your favorite shoe of all time to play in. Since these improved upon the original, would you say these are your favorite over the OG, or is it beyond scores and more of being an A.I. fan, the feel of the leather and OG materials, etc? My Questions are in my top 5 performers of all time.

    1. Def nostalgia. These are better than the OGs performance wise but they dont ‘feel’ the same. I had fun playing in them and I liked them but they arent Iversons in my opinion.

      1. Gotcha, thanks. I think, for the price, I’ll stick with my Georgetown Questions and continue playing in my 2k4’s/Rose 2.5’s. Thanks!

  7. Hey Nightwing, I may have missed it in earlier Reebok related posts but what exactly is DMX Foam? I know the DMX in the Answers were pods, but don’t know much about the foam version.

  8. I only have the Kobe series and retro Questions as basketball shoes to compare to, so how does the fit compare to the Kobe 8 and Question? If I wear a size 10 Kobe 8, should I get a size 9.5 for the Q 96? I would try them on myself, but I live in Oregon (all Nike basketball shoes) and none of the shoe stores stock these Reeboks. Thanks.

  9. Love your reviews!
    It would have been nice to have hexalite in the heel or that built in shock pad they use in the sublite shoes similar to the shockpad in the old question insoles.And I find reeboks sublite foam to be nice and soft compared to dmx.
    They have the reebok pumpspective omni at finish line for $55.Have you or will you be doing a review of them at all?

  10. I was wondering if this shoe was a little narrow. I recently bought adidas crazyquicks and made the mistake because of how narrow they were. it hurt! so i dont wanna make that mistake but these shoes look way too dope. Are they too narrow for a widefoot dude.

  11. Honestly, these run really big. I wear a 10.5 (and measure a 10.5 on the scales) and I ordered a 10…still too big. I’m exchanging for a 9.5. They’re just large shoes in general (toe box, mid foot). Also, the insole really sucks. I put in my nike free 5.0 insoles and they drastically improved the heel lockdown and feel.

  12. Hey Nightwing. There is a sale over at Jimmy Jazz with both the Q96 and the Pumpspective Omni. Which would be better for a summer (outdoor) shoe?

  13. Hi also want to know how the traction is for outdoor, and will it hold up for blacktops? Not this particular color though, but the Georgetown’s. Those do not sport translucent outsoles. Thanks!

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