Reebok Created its Own VaporMax 15 Years Ago

While the Nike VaporMax looks contemporary and modern in today’s sneaker landscape, Reebok got to the VaporMax Air unit concept well over a decade ago.

The sneaker pictured here was plucked straight out of the Reebok archive and put on display at Garbstore in London for a Reebok exhibition. Dubbed the Reebok Diamond Contact Run, the white-gloved sneaker dates back to Reebok’s DMX Diamond Collection from 2004.

However, the Reebok Diamond Contact Run Leather actually debuted a couple years earlier in 2002 and retailed for an astronomically high $200 (that’s $293 in today’s money), so it’s similar to the VaporMax in several respects.

reebok diamond contact run leather

Reebok’s DMX cushioning was also built atop air; in the DMX Run 10 (which recently returned without the true DMX cushioning system), air would flow from forefoot to the heel via a connected air bladder when the forefoot was depressed. When the heel was depressed, air would flow to the forefoot to cushion the next step.

Perhaps Reebok was just too far ahead of its time when it developed this sneaker…

What do you think about the Diamond Contact Run? Sound off in the comments.

Vapormax reebok DMX diamond collection 2004 1

Image via @cutch.and.stuff

Vapormax reebok DMX diamond collection 2004 2

Image via @nico.bono



Image via DeFY NY


  1. This is a one fugly looking shoe – an abomination if you ask me. Looks very uncomfortable and clunky: i know a couple of individuals that would rock them but jeez

    That nike vapor is a way way toned down version and less Quasimodo looking shoe

  2. Very cutting edge back then. Reebok moved away from this and focused on the popular Zigs. Probably for the better……..

  3. Bruh this like a 4×4 version of the vapormax, id def cop maybe in a triple black color way. Now I can run up mountains like Rocky with a decent air cushioned shoe.

  4. You just found out about these?These were the Reeboks I posted on another sneaker website when the VaporMax first released like last year. I was trying to find images of the DMX Run and boom these Reebok Diamonds Contacts popped up.

  5. Damn nothing really is a new idea its all recycled dope article man sneakers need an entire museum one day

  6. The story of Reebok’s history, they did a LOT, if not most things first, but were often so ahead of their times, and maybe more important, the trends(which means people won’t buy it), that a lot ‘Reebok firsts’ got lost in history.

  7. I wish they’d bring back those nano zigs. most comfortable shoes i ever wore. even more comfortable than boosts.

    1. I’ve heard that the Zig line was supposed to be SO much more than it ended up being. adi kinda jacked the idea with the Springblade, and that was garbage imo. Reebok probably would have executed better.

  8. Forgot all about this shoe. I do have a pair and they are deed similar to the vapormax. These were made in Italy I believe

  9. Words are not enough how i wish Reebok put these back in production! With all those colors and design options, even DMX Run 10 aren’t close enough to this masterpiece, neither do Fury. For reasonable $110-120, of course.

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