Reebok Answer 1 White/Red | Detailed Look and Review

For the first time ever, the Reebok Answer 1 in the original White/Red colorway has re-released in Retro form.

The Reebok Answer White/Red is available now from eBay seller iD4Shoes

The shoes aren’t perfect, but they’re damn close.

If you’re a fan of Allen Iverson and his signature sneaker line with Reebok then this shoe is likely a must-have. While it has not yet released in the U.S., the shoes have released in parts of China where A.I. still has a huge following.

If you were curious about the 2018 edition of the Reebok Answer 1 then you’ll want to check out our review above. The leather is on-point and the DMX is there — even though isn’t the DMX you were looking for.

The only aspect that I am disappointed with, besides the outsole, is the gold oval pieces on the midsole. When filming the review I couldn’t remember if those were plastic or not originally. After looking back at one of my horrible old videos on the Black/Gold release I remembered that they were in fact plastic. The painted foam ovals are a bit cheap but at least they’re back.

Something I found interesting was that Reebok doesn’t keep its molds for shoes. You’d think, why are these midsoles different than the previous release? Why wouldn’t the company just use the same molds? Unfortunately, Reebok destroys its molds when it’s done with production which then forces factories to recreate each shoe from scratch every time the brand decides to re-issue something. This does not happen with Reebok Classics that are regularly in production, but if you’ve ever wondered why each Retro release seems to differ slightly from the next…that’s why.

I hope those of you that want the shoe are able to get a pair hassle-free. The eBay seller I’ve linked sells authentic product and has been for years. He’s also a great source to grab wider fitting Nike Basketball models from if you need that fit.

Thanks for watching and let us know how you feel about this years version of the Reebok Answer 1 Retro below.


  1. NW, you’re associate is right, man. it’s a 49ers colorway. can’t miss those Red, White and Gold. classic 49ers fan here btw.

    anyway, funny true story. call it a coincidence or not, but yesterday I just saw someone in public wearing the AI Answer 1’s in a blue, white colorway. the hilarious thing about it was, it was worn by a grandma. surely, she is HYPE ! ROFL !

    anyways, just curious if you have worn the AI Answer 4.5’s or tested them? those felt to me like mad bricks.

    if these are indeed some form of DMX (foam), I might give them a try and see if they are tolerable.

      1. thanks for the info. I thought they are going to use that foam brick thing. atleast a bit of relief. just wished they used DMX Fusion traction design. I might try these and see how they go.

  2. It’s nice to know they have some sort of version of the DMX air transfer system and not foam and trying to pass it off as DMX. These aren’t for me as I prefer the black ones, but NW seemed really giddy to get these, so I’m glad he was able to score.
    I hope for more Reebok retros in the future. Now about your current version of Hexalite…..

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