The Reebok Answer 1 ‘Rookie of the Year’ Will Be Back to Celebrate Allen Iverson

The original 1997 Reebok Answer 1 ‘Rookie of the Year’ is getting a retro in 2018 — and we are definitely here for it.

Both Nightwing2303’s and this writer’s favorite Answer 1 colorway, fans of this edition could only stalk eBay for wearable original pairs. Now, that appears to be changing.

Since Reebok and Allen Iverson announced the I3 Legacy Collection late last year, designers at Reebok have been hard at work bringing back his original sneakers with new looks. There are even rumors of a brand new silhouette that will celebrate Iverson’s historic sneaker line with homages to different models.

However, one of the shoes that will celebrate Iverson’s legacy is the Reebok Answer 1 ‘Rookie of the Year’. Outfitted in a striking white/red/gold colorway, the shoe remains nearly identical to its late-’90s original (although the verdict is still out on whether this shoe will feature its original DMX cushioning). Even the inner tongue label, which features Allen Iverson’s stats during his rookie year, is included on this 2018 retro.

There is still no official word yet on when the 2018 Reebok Answer 1 ‘Rookie of the Year’ will be back at retail but keep your eyes open. We’ll update this story when we have more information. You can compare this retro to an original pair by checking out this eBay auction.

Are you here for this Answer 1 retro? Let us know in the comments below.

reebok answer 1 white red 2018 retro 1

2018 reebok answer 1 white red

reebok answer 1 white red retro

reebok answer 1 white red

reebok answer 1 allen iverson

reebok answer 1 white red 2018 retro


reebok answer 1 white red 2018

reebok answer 1 allen iverson 2018

reebok answer 1 allen iverson 2018 on foot

reebok answer 1 white red on foot 1

reebok answer 1 white red on foot


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  1. Man I need these even without true DMX. I’ve given up on that ever happening and will be happy to just get a pair now.

  2. glad they’re coming back. absolutely hate it when changes are made on retros. the semi-translucent sole is gone. although disappointing, acceptable if durability is improved. dislike when materials are changed, like the heel accent isnt what I remember. the ‘orange peel’ in the patent red is awful. that material choice better be corrected before the release. thats unacceptable in my book. got to have DMX

  3. considering the emergence and popularity of boost, the resurgence of DMX seems to be well-timed. I’m still a bit skeptical on what Reebok would use as cushion for this shoe but highly hopeful due to the re-release of the DMX Run and new models that uses the same “moving air” tech, all seems to be brighter. now enough of that DMX foam garbage, I want the real thing.

    1. Are you saying the shoes Reebok has been releasing lately has been using moving air tech, something at least similar to DMX?

      1. actually, it is the DMX original tech. not that DMX foam crap. and to answer your question, YES.

        I have been monitoring some of those shoes as of late as I’m quite interested in them particularly the DMX Run series which looked really nice. they also have the DMX Fusion series which is somehow a lifestyle version of the DMX Run. if you are interested, you can check the Reebok website and just search DMX. those shoes should show up.

  4. man when are these dropping stateside I have to have these. From the ADDIDAS KOBE’ S to THE LARRY JOHNSON’S to many other retro I got to have these

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