The Reebok 3D OP Lite is a New Runner Inspired by the Pump Opus

Reebok’s latest out-of-the-box sneaker, the 3D OP Lite, follows the mixed material and bold aesthetics of the Sock Run.r and Run.r 96. However, it will come in at a much more affordable price point.

The Reebok 3D OP Lite rides atop a decoupled midsole with small perforations that may look familiar to hardcore Reebok fans. While some newer sneaker enthusiasts may point to adidas’ POD System or Puma’s Hybrid Rocket as the inspiration, one must actually look much further back in the Vector brand’s history for this design language.

This new casual wear shoe is inspired by the Reebok Pump Opus, a technology-filled silhouette that released in 2005. Its design was informed by Steven Smith’s prototypes for the Fury II, and now, the Reebok 3D OP Lite is borrowing technology from that shoe. The outsole is clearly inspired by the 3D Ultralite midsole/outsole technology used on the Pump Opus.

Equipped with an inner bootie, TPU midfoot plate, and mesh inner lining, the 3D OP Lite is a pretty simple and minimalist shoe that features bold zig-zags and angles that remind this writer of ’90s Reebok silhouettes.

Originally scheduled for an October debut, the Reebok 3D OP Lite will release for $120 on August 24, according to leaker US 11. The colorways pictured here are Black/Chalk Green and Spirit White/Opus Gold.

What do you think of the 3D OP Lite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: US11


  1. These would look dope as a hoop shoe. Reinforce the toe-box, add an outrigger, herringbone the bottom… Viola! I’ll take my design fee in pennies please.

      1. I remember 3-D Ultralite on the Shroud. Loved the cushion, zero, I mean zero traction. Shroud design was sick though.

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