Raise Money For Our Oceans with adidas x Parley “Run For The Oceans”

For most of you, what adidas is doing with Parley for the Oceans is not new (the process of recycling plastic bottles gathered from oceans to make adidas sneakers). Now, adidas is going a step further and putting its money where its mouth is.

Beginning June 8 and running through July 8, as runners log into Runtastic and log their kilometers (yep, you have to run on the metric system), adidas will donate $1 for every kilometer logged (up to $1 million). This money goes directly to the Parley Ocean Plastic Program to further cut into the pollution problems.

In addition, adidas will host 12 major running events in cities across the globe. The first is in Los Angeles on June 8 and will feature a run through Temescal park. Then on June 27, adidas will hit New York City at Pier 26. Additional cities include Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Milan, and Shanghai. 20 world-renowned cross-category adidas athletes have joined the Parley Ocean Squad to increase awareness for the cause, including Shaunae Miller, Tori Bowie and Wayde Van Niekerk.

The Parley program is one of the biggest environmental pushes in the sneaker world and has been one of the best received by the general public. “Every second breath we take is created by the Oceans,” said Cyrill Gutsch, founder of Parley for the Oceans, in a statement. “Still, we are killing its life in rapid speed. We are hosting Run for the Oceans with adidas to step out of our routine, to take a deep breath and to reflect on how important the sea is for every one of us. And to show that millions of little steps can make a huge difference for our movement.”

adidas ultra boost x parley run for the oceans

For the runs, adidas will be dropping two new Parley models of the Ultra Boost: the men’s Ultra Boost Climacool Parley and the women’s Ultra Boost X Parley. Both are made with Parley Plastic Primeknit uppers and each pair uses about 11 bottles. The shoes will be available June 27 for $200 each.

“At adidas, we believe that sport has the power to change lives and the Run For The Oceans movement truly reflects this,” said Andre Maestrini, General Manager of adidas Sports Business Units, in a statement. “We have created a unique global platform that gives everyone the opportunity to impact their lives by joining a collective running movement that fights marine plastic pollution. Seeing the adidas family unite for a shared purpose is what makes the campaign so powerful.”

If you are interested in the runs you can sign up at adidas.com/parley. Sometimes, life is about more than sneakers and if you feel the need to be involved in bettering our world this is a great chance to do so.

parley run for the oceans adidas ultra boost clima parley

parley run for the oceans adidas ultra boost x

parley run for the oceans

run for the oceans parley


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