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The Puma Clyde Court Disrupt Leaks in ‘Miami’ Colorway

puma clyde court disrupt new colorway
Photo via Sean O’Shea

Unveiled yesterday, the Clyde Court Disrupt — Puma’s first basketball shoe in nearly a decade — has surfaced in a familiar colorway.

Whether this Clyde Court Disrupt build will be officially called the ‘Miami’ or ‘South Beach’ is still up in the air. However, after briefly getting the shoe in-hand yesterday (at the unveiling in Brooklyn) we are definitely more interested in this shoe than we were prior.

For 2018, the Clyde Court Disrupt has what you’d expect — an energy-returning cushioning system, a lightweight knit upper, and styling that references a classic Puma silhouette (Walt Frazier’s signature shoe, the Puma Clyde). Designed by Sean O’Shea — who has worked for Anta, Puma, K-Swiss, Nike, adidas, and Ralph Lauren — colorways were done by Jacob Garcia while the tech package by a third party (@deco_ho_chi_mayne). The shoe has already garnered plenty of buzz online.

The Puma Clyde Court Disrupt will debut on October 1. There has been no official word regarding its price, but Foot Locker will have an exclusive colorway of the shoe come its release.

puma clyde court disrupt sean o'shea
Photo via Sean O’Shea
puma clyde court disrupt new colorway
Photo via Sean O’Shea
  1. The concept art looks dope. The finished product…. not so much. Still “terrible” (perfect Barkley impersonation).

    1. Yep. Similar overall silhouette and the sole. But still very interested in this free form NRGY cushioning. Last Puma I’ve wore was the Blaze of Glory Trinomics and it was “meh” in terms of fun responsive cushioning (Zoom, boost, bounce). But the look of the Blaze Glory, especially the collabs were off the hook in design. Hopefully they can bring some of the Blaze Glory touches into a basketball sneaker and have a traditional tongue please.

      1. Yes, cushioning will make it or brake it for Puma, I think so too.

        Yet though, can this really be just a coincidence – the resemblance with BB Delta is just stunning! I mean BB Delta with better cushioning and colorways I would grab in a flash, but at the same time I don’t want to pay for some shady business practices. That said, BB seems to be going out of business, so “reviving” a promising silhouette is a good thing actually. But some proper courtesy is missing here, imo.
        Although, since it was a collab with Vibram, maybe they own the design rights and have something to do with the “revival”.

  2. These actually look really dope in this colorway. I wasn’t feeling the first one’s too much but I definitely think these are cool. I hope the sneakers these rookies are gonna be wearing look better though.

  3. Puma ought to get a few people who understand sports to do some of their products. the people they have working for them dont have a clue

  4. I like the colorway I would do away with the black though, it throws off the “Miami South beach” feel…

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