The Price of the Nike Kobe NXT 360 is Official, But You May Not Like It

Yesterday, we shared the official release date for the Kobe NXT 360 with you all, but Nike had not announced a price. Now, we have it, thanks to Eastbay.

The Nike Kobe NXT 360 will retail for $200 and arrive at on April 13. It uses Nike’s next generation Flyknit 360 technology, which is woven then formed with heat. Cushioning will be supplied by a drop-in React and Lunarlon midsole.

Last week, Flyknit 360 made its first appearance in Nike Basketball product with Kobe AD NXT 360, debuted by Toronto Raptors guard DeMar Derozan against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While we thought $200 basketball sneakers were a thing of the past, it seems like Nike and adidas are bringing them back.

Will this make the Kobe NXT 360 a questionable cop for you? Let us know in the comments below.

nike kobe AD NXT 360

nike kobe NXT 360 release date



Source: Nike / Nike


  1. 200 for innovation is what they’re thinking, like TPU string within the knit of the Kobe 11s was 200 dollar innovation. I’ll wait.

  2. I will pay it. But only after a few runs in them will I know if I will regret it and go back to the Kobe AD NXT.

  3. SMH. See you at the outlets or when the deep discounts hit, Kobe 15(I don’t care what they call it)

    $200? I can’t remember the last time I even paid more than $100 for a b-ball
    shoe, and I bought the Lebron 11 and Kobe 11 which both retailed at $200. I’ve seen Lebrons and KDs in Marshall’s for 79.99. $200 is ridiculous.

  4. Pfft. To hell with that. No way this is worth that much. Any shoe, really. Companies need to learn that these prices just aren’t gonna cut it anymore.

    Also, and I know I’m always saying this, but that lunarlon is gonna go dead in a month, and then you’re just some sucker with 200 dollar beaters.

  5. Blame Kobe himself probably asking for some royalty fee that’s way off the charts, also blame some people for buying them including me 🤑

  6. I like the sound is all the tech involved. I really really want to try these but 200!!!!!! That price just turns me way. How doubt they will probably be nice BUT i feel this is a pass untill it hits clearance. Now than certain I’ll have buyers remorse if i part full retail.

  7. I was (am :/) really excited for these. But, man, 200 bucks?? Woof. I was really hoping we left the 200 price point for performance models in 2014 where it belongs. Now I’m unsure if I’ll actually cop a pair. Bleh. Nike’s really back on their bullshit with this particular release. Excited for the performance review nonetheless.

  8. $200? For that much they should come with a second set of drop in midsoles, for when the lunar goes flat.

    I would have expected react and zoom for this money.

    I don’t understand why Nike doesn’t sell replacement drop in midsoles either.

    1. Never understood this either. Why sell shoes with a removal midsole and not offer more midsole replacements? It just makes no sense. Are they really thinking that people will just buy another one of the same shoe to replace everything. SMFH

  9. I had a strong feeling these would be at least 2 bills. I was right sadly. I might cop if they’re amazing performers and I can get a 20% off coupon. Not a chance in hell I’m paying full retail though.

  10. The last 10 years we read abt shoes that provide the best fit and no foot movement. Now in 2018 there is a shoe that does that again… basically they admit that all these years they were lying to consumers. 200 for that kind of “innovation”??? Thanks but i will pass. Until the next one, which will be claimed to perform better but it won’t…

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