The ‘Predator’ Reebok DMX Run 10 is Available Now

To coincide with the release of 20th Century Fox’s 2018 The Predator film, Reebok dropped the DMX Run 10 ‘Predator’. The shoe is inspired by both the original 1987 film and the new film.

The shoe flaunts a shimmering lenticular camouflage material that mimics the Predator’s invisibility cloak. The classic Vector logo hits the top of the tongue while the yellow mesh gusset is a nod to the Predator’s non-combat attire. The midsole includes Reebok’s DMX moving air technology for a comfortable ride.

“As a kid I was terrified of an invisible alien hunting me down and killing me because I knew there was absolutely no way of stopping him since I couldn’t see him,” Chris Hill, Design Manager of Statement Footwear at Reebok, told WearTesters. “That’s what inspired this shoe.”

chris hill bernie gross extra butter predator launch event

Designer Chris Hill, Predator cosplayer, and Bernie Gross of Extra Butter at the ‘Predator’ Reebok DMX Run 10 launch party. Photo: Noah Goldowitz

Like many of Chris Hill’s designs, this shoe features tons of hidden details that fans will love. “Over here” and “turn around” are screen printed behind the tongues in the Predator’s native language while the transparent midsole is inscribed with military coordinates in handwritten red ink, another nod to covert ops.

The Reebok DMX Run 10 ‘Predator’ is available now in very limited numbers at for $200.

reebok dmx run 10 predator box

the predator reebok dmx run 10 box

the predator reebok dmx run 10 20th century fox

the predator reebok dmx run 10

the predator reebok dmx run 10 20th century fox insoles

the predator reebok dmx run 10 tongues

the predator reebok dmx run 10 spine trophy

the predator reebok dmx run 10 soles


Images courtesy of Reebok


  1. I love that Chris Hill is wearing the reebok alien stomper low tops (only 1,986 pairs released). I had 2 pairs of the high tops (only 426 pairs released). They are replicas of the ones worn by Sigourney Weaver and her co-star in the 1986 film “Aliens”, which went on to merge with the “Predator” franchise with the “Alien vs Predator” movie series. I loved these as a kid. My friends and I used to talk about them nonstop in school. I have the shoes from both Aliens and the Predator Reeboks. I do not wear them as they are pieces of art in my sneaker collection. Love the shoes.

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