A Possible Nike PG2 Sighting, and it Isn’t What We Expected

There can be no doubt Nike hit a winning corner 3 with the PG1. Almost everyone who wore the shoe came away loving it (check our Nike PG1 performance reviews here and here).

The PG1 featured complete lockdown, serious forefoot Zoom (no rectangle!!), killer traction, and lux materials — everything came together to make the shoe a top pick for budget-minded ballers. The design also transferred to casual with no effort, as the low cut and the strap look great on-court and in the streets.

Now, images of a supposed PG2 have surfaced, and, well, sometimes change is a good thing. Gone is the forefoot strap, as well as the luxury materials found on the heel and midfoot of the PG1 (although depending on colorway those could make an appearance).

Now, the shoe appears to feature a full-length mesh with fused areas around the toebox on both the medial and lateral sides. There is also fuse around the eyelets for strength. The cut remains a low-mid, so range of motion is still there. We have no images of the sole or traction pattern yet so we can’t be sure about the size of the Zoom or if it is heel, or heel/forefoot, or full-length. We tried to get the designer to give us some insight, but rightfully so, he declined — too soon!

Let us know below what you think of this possible PG2. Better? Worse than the PG1? What would you like to see carry over from the PG1 that was left behind? Drop bombs below and let us know. As always, as soon as we can, we will bring more info.


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  1. So the side with the big swoosh is the medial side. Interesting but i think if these are it its definetely a disappointment. Even if they did the nesh upper with suede overlays instead of fuse it would have been nicer

  2. It seems like a mix of UA Curry 3 low upper with the Zoom Rev 17 tooling, not bad looks but not nicer or even at the same level as the PG 1

  3. Disappointing in so far as casual appeal goes compared to the PG1. Durability should be pretty good though.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I must admit, the PG1 was a surprise even though is was a Steve Nash fav knockoff, the Nike Air Zoom Drive, but this thing above? Oh man, they didn’t even try! The BBB Lonzo Ball shoe look waaaaayyyy better than these!

  5. uh….these are horrible
    wtf nike? you went from one of the best-looking shoes of the past few years to this?

  6. I really hope these are a PG knock down model, because these look terrible. It really wouldn’t make any sense for these to be the PG2 given they seem to be a step backwards tech wise and style wise.

  7. I’m betting that they will look better in higher quality photos. Just like the Hardens, kyrie 2’s, dame 3’s, etc.

  8. They look like about as generic as a current Nike model you can get. If they didn’t have the PG logo on the tongue I’d confuse them for the next ZoomHyperShiftRevDunkFuseAllOutLiveMax.

    It’s a shame because the PG1 was refreshing in terms of build and materials used; shoes like the PG1 and the Harden Vol 1 are great throwbacks.

  9. These look like no Zoom. Probably React, but just in the forefoot, to differentiate from the more expensive Hyperdunk line…

      1. Usually where you see zoom is where its located. I wonder if they try full or heel to mid foot react in a carrier and bottom loaded forefoot zoom?

  10. These look like an amalgamation of the Curry 3 Low (Upper) and the Hyperdunk 2016 midsole with the Swoosh pointed the other way. I hope that other pictures do it justice. Fingers crossed that this only a supposed version and not the actual version.

  11. I wish that they would bring the premium materials back. Not a fan of this look where they lost all of the layering that made the first one so beautiful. But, these are bad pics and SUUUPER early if they arrive the same time they did in the year last time.

  12. Wow, they removed every sign of a personality from the PG’s, a shame, the PG1 was great.

  13. IMO it remembers me of curry’s last two seasons, the first one was so good that the second one seems disappointing. I REALLY hope that they will improve the design of this one

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