A Possible Nike Kyrie 3 Has Surfaced


I mean, it has many of the design cues we’ve come to know from the Kyrie line — the raised forefoot with wraparound traction, the midcut height, and mesh and fuse construction. However, there’s no strap on the sneaker in this photo, but there is Flywire at the first two eyelets. The rest of the upper utilizes an interesting 3D texture. All in all, these look pretty durable — we just can’t wait to see the traction pattern.

Of course, there is no official word on whether this is in fact the Nike Kyrie 3 or not, but this image may give us an idea of what the third Kyrie signature will look like. Last night WearTesters captain Nightwing2303 said this sneaker reminded him a lot of the Jordan Melo M6 and I couldn’t agree more!

Thoughts so far? Share them below.

jordan melo 6 M6 nuggets

nike kyrie 3


  1. these remind of a lebron 6 a little more than an m6. These look a little funky off the bat, but i guess we’ll have to wait and see

  2. hey nightwing

    I think the shoe is ugly as shit. the kyrie 2 is better looking and if they want to improve on it they should maybe change the material on the upper and maybe some cushioning either full lenght or heel and forefoot

  3. @Eamon

    I actually see more of the LeBron 2 than the 6, but I can see how the forefoot would remind you of the 6’s.

  4. Aesthetically, I think it doesn’t look great; some of their budget models look better. But I have a feeling these “leaks” are intentional, and they purposely pick the worst colorway, angle, and camera(Was that shot with a flipphone from 2001?) to make it look underwhelming. When they release the real, professional pics, everyone thinks “that aint’t so bad”, and are more open to buying it. Maybe I’m totally off, I dunno.

  5. They look pretty good in my opinion. The traction looks beastly per usual for Kyrie sneakers. Basically just seems like a slimmed down, more streamline Kyrie 1.

  6. While the complaints about Nike not delivering is beaten well underground, I’m becoming more peeved about the randomness of their design direction. Feel like Nike is just playing mix & match to see how they can make a shoe a bit different from other sigs and somehow be worthwhile. It’s not like Adidas giving all their flagships the same core elements of Boost and PK (as an option), but making each pair distinctly different for tastes.

    Nike essentially juggles where to skimp on Zoom and go overkill with fuse. The only thing that keeps the Kyrie “distinct” is the traction running up the midsole, which really could be a design feature added to every shoe in Nike’s line. To the practical user (someone actually playing), there’s no reason not to go the whole 9 yards with the KD9 (no pun intended). It has a similar cut, but better cushion and already nice fit to go with solid traction.

    But of course, name and brand just make sales anyway. I have no idea how the PG will fit in the BBall lineup.

  7. These look disgusting, but as Kwame said the actual release photos will probably be alright. Even then, from a design standpoint these are not very creative. I agree that performance is more important than looks, but you can still make a performer look good.

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