A Possible Jordan XXXI ‘USA’ Sighting

So, this weekend, we got a look at the rumored Jordan XXXI and emotions were incredibly mixed (which, once again, is what designers want — strong feelings).

The black/red colorway featured a Swoosh underlay on the side of the upper that was rumored to not be appearing on the release pair, as well as a Jumpman on the ankle/heel. We still see the leather or synthetic ankle collar/heel area and the woven forefoot and midfoot, but there is no word yet on the tech used (or new names for it) or cushioning.

But what’s this? Jimmy Buckets was posing for pics with Team USA, and look at that: the Air Jordan XXX1 ‘USA’ colorway on his feet. Most USA shoes look sick in the colorways of our great nation — don’t you think? You don’t? Then tell us below, because regardless of what the shoe looks like here at WearTesters, we just want it to perform. And perform great.

Yes the pics are grainy, but remember, they come from an official Jordan Brand post.

air jordan xxx1 usa 1

air jordan xxxi 2

air jordan xxx1 2

air jordan xxx1 1

air jordan xxx1 usa 3

air jordan xxx1 usa 4

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  1. I’m not too worried, to me they look more like a modernized version of the Air Jordan 1. I can see what appears to be the Wings logo on medial ankle and anow Air Jordan 1 styled tongue. You throw in what looks to be a Swoosh and there you have it, the Air Jordan 1 2016. It looks nice so far though, good colorway.

  2. I just want to know what the price will be so i can figure out how long to wait for it on clearance.

    1. At least $200. I bet the Banned colorway blows out, others make to the sale racks. But they won’t be dirt cheap like some of the XX9 (Hares for $40!) and XXX colorways; I bet this model is much more successful.

  3. Big zoom in the forefoot if its the pinkish red, and maybe, just maybe in the heel. Super excited for this shoe. Price it at 180 or 175 and its perfect

  4. I like the colorway and the shoe looks like and evolution of the AJ1. I like them. Wednesday will be here shortly.

  5. I’m digging them already
    Seems like it will be just a no-nonsense, solid fitting, shoe w/ nice materials and cushion (hopefully good traction as well). Looking forward for the official details though

  6. Almost looks like the red on the sole is a full length zoom bag. I like this color way more then the bred one.

  7. Aight, I don’t care really too much about the 31s because Jordan Brand is low-key slapping their consumers by releasing (what?!) 3-4 months after the 30s came out. However, I am excited by the fact that Jimmy Butler has a pair of cement 3s with the Nike Air logo in the back. Does that mean a GR release of cement 3s in the near future?

    1. Well.. the deal is that shoe development overlaps (the 32 is already in development, and possibly nearing completion). The 30 was delayed due to whatever issue (manufacturing, supply, who knows), which pushed its release from the typical 1 year window to 1.5 years. The 31 was already developed and ready to go, so they’re just getting back on track and releasing it end of summer like normal.

    2. Try eight months later (February to September) and everyone knows the XXX was delayed. The XX8 was delayed, too, did people get angry when the XX9 came out on time?

      If anything this is a great time to have the short interval because the XX9 and XXX were essentially the same shoe with a long wait period in between. Will people just complain about anything?

      Also I am pretty sure JB athletes could get the III ’88s without much trouble, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up on more OG cements. The True Blue, yes, but those I have no inclination will be back.

  8. I dont really understand why the swoosh is on there but otherwise a solid looking shoe and it looks like it will perform well. Cant wait to see Jimmy rockin them this summer as well as the upcoming season.

  9. Shady business, blocking the non Nike basketball players. Wonder if that’s the reason curry withdrew his name from the team?

    1. Its not shady at all. Nike just put Lowry, Barnes and KT in spots where you can’t see their shoes. Why would Nike give free advertising to their competitors?

    2. Yup looks like it,

      Barnes, Lowry, Thompson and Cousins were placed at the back and the front players placed or arranged in front to cover the shoes of the back players in the 1st pic.


  10. Damn I’m in LOVE. Definitely see the inspiration of the AJ 1’s in the silhouette. If the Zoom and Flyknit are well implemented, it’ll definitely be an All-time shoe in my opinion. Great share, Bryan! Keep up the exceptional work. — Admiration from Jersey.

  11. Seems to be a bit early to reveal this shoe, but the Olympics is a good place to do it for the publicity. If this is the 31, it looks good. I like the low midsole and the classic vibe. It could, though, be the Ultrafly 2 for all we know.

    1. Its been well documented that the XXX1 will pay tribute to the AJ 1, and thats why the swoosh is there and the silhouette is similar. Its definitely not the UltraFly 2

  12. I really like these. The upper looks really nice and I’m actually a huge fan of the faded swoosh knitted into the upper. It looks almost ghostly. Im not seeing the modified AJ 1 traction and it looks more like the Kobe 10 traction. But the cushion (whatever it is) looks really nice. Looks like 2 enormous Zoom bags, but can’t really tell

  13. Why is Melo not wearing his signature shoe? Thats my question. He’s a signature athlete with his own shoe and Jordan Brand isn’t pushing it in the olympics? Seems weird. Doubt its the end of the Melo shoe line, but its a possibility

    1. Because Melos release on Dec-Jan. Olympics is the time for the XXX1. Just like in the 08 Olympics. Sig players used the Hyperdunk 08 or their takedown line to give it publicity. Kobe used the HD08 that time and not the Kobe 4s. Lebron wears the Soldiers in FIBA games. List goes on.

  14. i think the look really clean the story is that theyre going influence from every jordan so the 32 will be influenced by the 2 and so on

  15. Source says $200 price tag. This could change once officially announced Wednesday the 20th. It is a flyweave or flyknit. I hope it is real leather on the back and really hope it is full length zoom. Biggest question for me is what will the midsole be? Can Jordan release a foam close to boost? Could it be Lunarlon and zoom? Ready for August

  16. I love these. I’m really interested in that possible traction pattern and the cushion. The top looks like it’ll be the same as the 29 and 30. Excited!

  17. Idk about these. They look like they would be a team model. The design looks plain. They look like they might be very light and easy to break in. I can’t wait to hear what price and see different colorways. I’m hoping they preform tho. I live the 29s and the 30s. Only shoes in my current rotation

  18. a very clean looking shoe. i wonder why it took them this long to finally have a logo actually knitted on a fly-knit shoe–something that was promised when the tech was first introduced (if i remember correctly, tinker said that practically any design could be weaved in and not simply printed on or fused-on). that being said, maybe it is now possible to have the design of the air jordan 1 (or 2, 3, 4 etc…) weaved on that upper as an update to the classic design?

  19. I think this color way looks DOPE. I like the swoosh but I think the swoosh with the side jumpman logo looks too much for me. The bred pair doesn’t look as clean as these. I feel like they should keep a jumpman on the tongue and maybe the back heel.

  20. I prefer the look of these over the 30. Hopefully they won’t have the comfort issues documented with the 30 and will perform well too.

  21. So Tinker did say that he wished that he designed the Kobe 9, so I guess he went and designed the Kobe 9 mid, then slapped a Jumpman behind the swoosh.

    Nice job.



    1. Just saw the from @thebasketballshoes and its a pretty good look at the bottom of AJ XXXI and IMO traction could be a hit or miss….while cushion seems intresting….it could be full length(which i wish) or segmented but it sure seems to be a High volume zoom bag now its upto Jordan Brand on how they implement this zoom bag.The Tooling seems to be Flight Speed from leaded pics so i think these would perfrom like unlocked zoom but only sommther(if full length zoom is there).The big question is which foam have they used as carrier.If its something soft like Lunarlon or even a soft phylon we culd be in for a treat!!

  23. To be completely honest I think these look/will feel amazing. The swoosh faded looks so sexy. Can’t go wrong with a USA CW.

  24. Yeah, if there’s heel and forefoot Zoom on these then more people will be getting these. Given the performance excels and retail friendly though (which maybe wishful thinking I know)

  25. If the red sections on the soles are zoom… and they’re are big sections from the pic then TAKE MY MONEY! finally heel and forefoot cushion returns!

  26. They almost look like an update to an Airforce 1 like the AF25 but further advanced.

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