A Possible adidas Harden Vol. 1 Uncaged Surfaces, and It Glows

What started as iffy sample images making the rounds on forums has become something seemingly more official. This latest build of the Harden Vol. 1 does several things very differently.

First, the upper is entirely Primeknit — the leather toe shroud, a defining aesthetic element of the shoe, has been removed. Second, the full-length Boost midsole — normally caged in TPU all around the shoe except for a small portion of the medial side — is now completely uncaged.

Moreover, these professional looking images show this “uncaged” Harden Vol. 1 sitting atop a glow in the dark outsole, a first for the performance line.

adidas harden vol. 1 uncaged sample 1

This new build could be a result of complaints we’ve seen that a small piece of plastic from the eyestay, located under the leather toe shroud, was causing pain and discomfort for wearers. You can get a detailed look at that part of the shoe here.

While the source of these images has been fairly reliable, there is still no official word on when or if this shoe is coming to retail. The early sample images are below.

For now, what do you think of the possible Harden Vol. 1.5? Sound off in the comments.

adidas harden vol. 1 uncaged sample 3

adidas harden vol. 1 uncaged sample 4

adidas harden vol. 1 uncaged sample 5

adidas harden vol. 1 uncaged sample 7

adidas harden vol. 1 uncaged sample 8

adidas harden vol. 1 uncaged sample 6


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  1. These are real nice. I don’t think the cage they are putting on all these boost basketball shoes is really necessary. The boost are all pretty thin in the forefoot, and they don’t compress much on the exposed medial side so they shouldn’t on the lateral. Some of the shoes would look better aesthetically without the cage, such as this.

  2. Whoa. Pretty mad that my foot and this shoe don’t get along because this colorway looks really good without the cage.

    1. I think so. Hardens are great performers with the way they are, feels like these changes may make the shoe too unstable to play basketball, for my taste at least. And I didn’t have any problems with those plastic piece btw, as well as some people I know. Is that really a thing? Like, a general complaint?

  3. Dope. That xeno on the heel looks amazing.

    heskicks also did it in the black/white ‘Disruptor’ colorway (which came out pretty dope too)

  4. no question in my mind that i’d get these to rock off court if they came out
    to me the harden is the best looking silhouette out there as far as basketball shoes go, also helps that he’s my favorite player

    1. I don’t know where you are looking…but physical stores, adidasph and titan has them listed at P7,995 (roughly $160)

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