The Pinnacle of Air – Nike Air VaporMax

Nike introduces us to its latest outsole and cushion innovation, the Nike Air VaporMax. Nike is bringing a one piece outsole and midsole combination with its newest rendition of Air cushioning.

The newly designed Air bubble is constructed to be a standalone outsole, compared to previous Air units which have had to be encased within a midsole of some sort. The new unit is designed to maximize flexibility while still maintaining its shape and form.

Feel free to take a look at the official press release from Nike below, or read it for yourself here. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


When the original Nike Air Max debuted in 1987, it was the first shoe to showcase a large, visible Air-cushioning unit. In 1995, the Air Max 95 evolved the technology by placing an Air unit along the entire sole. Incremental steps followed, and now Air Max builds upon its nearly 30-year legacy with a leap: the Nike Air VaporMax, which pays off the full promise of Air — to provide lightweight, consistent cushioning that lasts.

The breakthrough came courtesy of new technologies that allow the Nike VaporMax Air unit to act as a standalone outsole. Where previous Air units had to be insulated by a secondary rubber layer for protection and improved durability, new innovation allows designers to incorporate the Air and exterior layer into one holistic VaporMax Air unit. And where previous units needed to be shaped with inflexible structural areas, the new unit can independently maintain its given form, with elasticity.

The former innovation allows additional Air to be integrated into the unit while the latter allows for more extreme Air geometries that enable designers to place even more Air directly underfoot. Together, these capabilities wholly eliminate the need for a traditional foam midsole.

By shedding the weight and bulk of a foam layer, the new midsole achieves greater flexibility and spring without compromising structure, while also reducing weight and waste. And by placing the upper directly on the VaporMax Air unit, a pillowy sensation and greater energy response are produced.


On the Nike Air VaporMax, the Air unit is paired with a Nike Flyknit upper that integrates precise support and further reduces the shoe’s weight.

Source: Nike


    1. Not only that, the air pressure will be low which means less shock absorption and literally nothing similar to the regular Air soles we know today.

  1. These are very pretty, I do not know how durable they will be though. Reminds me of the Glass Blowers I used to see on the Atlantic City Boardwalk back in the day….

  2. Tbh I’ve been wondering why Nike wasn’t releasing an Air Max / Free Run midsole/outsole for a while. Segmenting a sole into separate air max bags and making them very flexible seemed pretty obvious. Glad it has finally come to fruition

    1. Kinda, but they still have a midsole. Sketchers air walk or something? i think it was called that…. eh idk xD

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