Get Up Close and Personal with the Nike Kyrie 3 in Black/Ice

The Nike Kyrie 3 was officially unveiled yesterday, and today we get up close and personal with the young PG’s latest signature model.

These seem to be a fairly anticipated model for fans. We’re not sure if that’s due to these being a Kyrie model or because they’re a Nike model, as the tech features aren’t truly worthy of the $120 price point the shoe dons —¬†especially when compared to offerings from competitors at the same price point.

However, traction does look awesome. Materials also look to be a huge upgrade from the Kyrie 2’s plastic upper with mesh glued onto it for aesthetic appeal.

The Black/Ice Nike Kyrie 3 is scheduled to release on December 26 for $120 at most Nike Basketball retailers.

Let us know what you think about the Kyrie 3 below and stay tuned for a performance review in the comming weeks after the shoe has released.


Images Via Jack Bai of Sole Collector China


  1. I get that this is Kyrie’s shoe and they’re designed for his needs, but why not put forefoot Zoom in the general release of the shoe and Zoomless for his PE? They used to do it for the Pippen I, where the GR had Max Air, and his version was Zoom.

    1. Kyrie’s own PEs either have forefoot and heel zoom or full-length zoom like his pre-sig Lunar Hyperdunk. I think the reason for the general release pair is to qualify or occupy a certain pricing niche which is at 120.

    1. Red outsole, white pivot points, and the rubber around the pivot points black. Make it happen without a lawsuit, Nike.

  2. I cant believe no one has pointed out that these are basically a literal exact blend of the kyrie 1&2! Anyway, all people want to talk about is the lack of cushion and i dont blame them but please stop talking about kyrie liking this setup! He, like a lot of other nba players have their own custom orthotics! He could have these designed for his own custom drop-in orthotic if he preferred, he is a millionaire btw but nike has an employee or nike rep living in cleveland just to take care of kyrie and they do this for all their signature athletes to put it in perspective. Theres a good chance his own PEs dont even have any zoom in them since he uses custom insoles…think about it!

  3. They seem to have heel Zoom, that’s nice. At least that’s what writing on the heel says and I think I can see zoom unit through transparent Kyrie logo.

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