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Performance Teaser: Reebok Answer IV (4) Retro Pt. 2


I finally made these things feel good on-court… it only took me nearly the entire testing time for me to figure it out.


The traction on the Answer IV is pretty nice. Not too great on dusty floors but if that floor is clean then watch out. Seriously though, even on a moderately dusty floor, the herringbone sections really do the job and they do it well. What’s even cooler is that the traction is segmented to cater Guard play and movements… really, really cool.


While I have figured out how to instantly make any shoe feel great, I won’t go over that here… I will make you wait for the full review.

Transition isn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be but I can’t really do anything about it other than deal with it. After all the time I’ve spent on-court with these this is about as broken-in as they get. This DMX foam Reebok decided to go with is simply awful. The foam used on the Reebok Question re-release was more forgiving and that’s even pushing it. Had they stuck with the original DMX I-pak then these would have offered much more comfort out the box but instead you will have to tweak them a bit to get your desired comfort level… unless your comfort level is really thick cardboard… if that’s the case then Reebok’s got your back.


Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy playing in them. Anyone from the 90’s probably would but I won’t let nostalgia blind me. When you compare them directly to what they once were and compare them to what they are up against with today’s foams then these really can’t compete. Overall performance package is there… totally there. I’m simply disappointed with the foam.

Reebok has better foam… I know they do.


  1. Hey nw, just want to let you know if you didn’t know this , I think reebok has a shoe that is lighter than the crazy light 2’s

      1. oh shit. just when i was about to buy this (for AI’s sake), this review comes out.. now i’m back on the fence about the shoe.. nostalgia vs performance…

      1. had the same problem, i love the answer 4s but with the cushion i can’t really enjoy playing in them so i just swapped the insoles, i took out the micro g insoles in my ua bloodlines and put them on the 4s, it worked for me…anyways, looking forward for the full review nightwing, been waiting for it for so long, i just love the answer 4…great job, man! keep it up…

    1. Thanks Nightwing i’ve been waiting for this for ages, the Answer 4’s are my favourite basketball sneakers ever, I feel like AI every time I put them on.

  2. haha unless you like really thick cardboard Reebok’s got your back, lol. But I am anxious to know how to make them comfortable

  3. I played one session in these and I was slipping and the bottoms of my feet hurt. But I did look good out there. Is there break in time for the traction you talk about kicks in? I guess I was on a dusty court but the foam in the heal made me slip alot. Also I may have got a 1/2 too big since I am used to Nike/Jordan Brand ball sneaker which also may not have helped.

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