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Performance Teaser: Air Jordan IX (9) Retro


I typically don’t post teasers so soon after playing in a shoe but I will make an exception for the AJIX.


Traction is better than I expected. The rubber used feels slightly stickier than the rubber used on the other flat surfaced Jordan models.


This is the first Retro model where the lack in material quality finally shows within their overall performance. I know the original and first round Retros weren’t ‘ideal’ for on-court use but the leather on these just doesn’t offer the support you’d need. For all I know it could just be the model/ design itself but there were times when I felt as if the shoe was going to fall apart… the leather is literally crumpling from the pressure of playing which is disconcerting.


Remember when I said I wanted to wear a ½ size larger than my true size within the First Impression… yeah…


The Air Jordan IX isn’t a horrible model but doesn’t seem to be the best either. This is definitely a shoe that will come down to someone’s personal preferences… for example; if it weren’t for the cheap leather and the fact that I now have a hole in my foot, I actually enjoyed playing in them.


  1. Damn that looks painful. I’m still trying to break in my hyperdunks 2011 lows. I kinda hate em. I have a narrow foot and my pinky toe still screams at me when i put these on after hours of playing.

    1. I like my HD 2011 lows for the most part. I have narrow feet and they fit me perfectly fine, you may not have as narrow of a foot as the last they used on those. The heel lockdown is what bugs me on them. Traction isnt good outdoors either and thats a bummer as well.

      1. You’re probably right. The funny thing is, I think it may just be my right foot. The other one was fine after a few hours of playing in them. My toe on the right foot is just shaped awkwardly. I think that in combination with the shape of the shoe causes problems. I haven’t tried em outside yet tho but I do agree about the heel. I play in the Fly Wade 2 most of the time and wearing the hyperdunk lows feels like a major step down in alot of ways in comparison.

  2. Yaa i play with the ajIX, not my kind of shoes to hoop in. I was disappointed with the material quality as nightwing2303 discribe. I thought it was a good shoes to play with. but its still one of my favorite AJ shoe to wear out in town.

  3. Damn Nightwing, committed to the cause to ball!!

    I got AJIX for my birthday and haven’t worn them yet (waiting for the right moment) but with the injury to your foot, I’m a bit worried.

    Also do you know if they are going to re-release the AJ18.5??? Aa long shot, I know, but I tried them on, wanted to get them, didn’t (went with the AJ1) and been trying to find them without any luck.

  4. Just wearing these casually, i knew they were not to be used on court. They feel so bad and unconfortable. I would say Jordan 1s are more comfortable. And give about the same cushion level. And they are about to put these out in more colorways. Everytime i see someone playing in these i ask myself,” How can they put up with them?”

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