Performance Deals: Nike LeBron 12 ‘Trillion Dollar Man’

If you wanted the latest LeBron James signature sneaker for the low, you can check out the Nike LeBron 12 ‘Trillion Dollar Man’ at Nike Store.

Very rarely do you see a LeBron shoe on clearance for around $100 off retail price but it’s true for this sneaker. This colorway did retail as a premium version at $220, whereas other versions retailed for a flat $200. The Nike LeBron 12 ‘Trillion Dollar Man’ is currently selling for $130.

If you wanted to know the on-court aspects of the shoe, check out the LeBron 12 performance review.

Click HERE to cop the Nike LeBron 12 ‘Trillion Dollar Man’ on NDC.

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  1. This is a nice “deal”, but I would hold off as the 12s are not selling, just like the KD7s, and Kobe Xs. I think Nike’s price hikes the past couple years have really made consumers think hard and long before spending up to $200 for a pair of sneakers. These Trillion Dollar c/w were $220, but why was there an extra bump of $20 compared to the regular c/w? Anyway, what I am trying to get at is Nike is becoming like all other retailers where the MSRP means just a price markup and when they “discount” it, that’s the real price. In short, I think the Lebron 12s have a bit more discounting to go… $100 will be the sweet spot for most of these sigs and we’re almost at that point.

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