Performance Deals: Nike KD 9 ‘Mic Drop’ Below Retail

One of the best Zoom Air setups ever for Nike Basketball has dropped in price, as the Nike KD 9 in the ‘Mic Drop’ colorway is available below retail.

The colors are reminiscent of past black and white colorway with familiar nicknames like cookies and cream, oreo, salt and pepper, static, etc. The shoe is meant to look like a microphone, with the black portion in the heel representing the handle and the whiter parts mimicking the mic section.

In addition to the extremely bouncy cushioning, the shoe boasts a full Flyknit upper, without backing or glue like in previous Nike Basketball Flyknit shoes.

Click HERE to purchase the Nike KD 9 ‘Mic Drop’ for $125 before shipping at Jimmy Jazz.

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      1. That is definitely a steal. I love the Rose 6. I have tried these on briefly but can’t even really remember what they felt like. I’d have to go back again to remember.

    1. a couple less desirable colorways (the 100% hot lava, and a blue/lava that wasn’t too bad) were at my local nike outlet for $85. tons of em.

    1. I really hope that they implement this cushion again but on another model with better fit. Knowing Nike and how they ALWAYS go away from what the consumer wants though, I won’t hold my breath. Might be another 3 years we are “gifted” with what should be more of the norm again.

      1. Yeah, I tried them on and they were too narrow. I know KD has a narrow foot, but Nike doesn’t understand that by making it narrow they are cutting out a decent percentage of consumers. How about they keep the narrowness for KD, but for the general release to the public, give it a little room and let us decide how tight it should be by, you know, actually lacing it up. Thats what laces are for.

        I miss the days of leather uppers, which actually conform to your foot. Say what you want about the benefits of modern materials, but to me a good leather is still king.

  1. I have bought the KD 9 and i’ve played in them for 3 months now. Yesterday one of the zoombags was going flat. I don’t now how it happend. I am only 121 lbs so it is not because i am to havy for the shoe.

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