The Peak TP5 ‘Gentleman’ Has Dropped Overseas

Thanks to our friend @weocia, we’ve got a detailed look at the Peak TP5 ‘Gentleman’.

The ‘Gentleman’ theme is a staple of Tony Parker’s signature line with Peak — and it’s nearly always my favorite colorway. The brand seems to always take risks with the Gentleman build, and last year’s Parker IV Gentleman featured an iridescent upper that sat atop gum bottoms.

This year’s TP5 ‘Gentleman’ flaunts what appears to be a leather upper that uses a similarly iridescent effect. The tongue and heels are treated to perforated leather while the outsole is a mix of solid rubber and milky translucent rubber.

The Peak TP5 ‘Gentleman’ is available now at Famuji Sneaker for $90.

Let us know what you think about this latest Tony Parker silhouette in the comments below.


Images via @weocia


  1. No lie that’s actually pretty clean. Wish they shaved the Peak logo altogether, but the lines of the shoe are so clear otherwise.

  2. Clean and the colorway is my favorite as well. The patch on the back is poorly designed indeed.
    I would get these for sure if the leather quality is high enough. I wish somebody made a review on these… not much hope though.

  3. Apparently “silver ions” are somehow used on this shoe, I wonder what that’s about? Wonky marketing? source: pics on famuji.

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