The Peak TP5 ‘Christmas’ is Available Now

Tony Parker’s Peak TP5 ‘Christmas’ has released overseas and it uses a snowy theme for the season.

The shoe features a textured upper that reminds me of shredding the powdery mountains of upstate New York. The tongues flaunt iridescent gold snowflakes while the blue inner lining receives traditional snowflakes. A white speckle on the black reinforces the snow theme.

Partially inspired by the Northern Lights, the Peak TP5 ‘Christmas’ uses a purple P-BOOM catapult module (that shark-like support piece) and a partially translucent outsole.

The Peak TP5 ‘Christmas’ is available now at Famuji Sneaker for $90 in US sizes 7 to 11.

What do you think of this Christmas-themed sneaker? Sound off in the comments.

You can also check out the Way of Wade 6 ‘Christmas’.

PEAK TP5 Chirstmas 3

PEAK TP5 Chirstmas 1

PEAK TP5 Chirstmas 2

PEAK TP5 Chirstmas 4

PEAK TP5 Chirstmas 7

PEAK TP5 Chirstmas 6

PEAK TP5 Chirstmas 5


Images via Famuji Sneaker / Peak Sport


  1. That Peak logo just breaks the continuity of an otherwise really good looking shoe. Should’ve moved it to the end of the throat so it looked more integrated.

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