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The PEAK Delly 1 Has Been Unveiled

peak delly 1 4

There is no official word from PEAK yet on tech specs or pricing, but Matthew Dellavedova’s first signature shoe, the PEAK Delly 1, was unveiled yesterday in Melbourne, Australia. Close to 2,000 fans showed up for the event.

PEAK delly 1 13

Let’s get this right out of the way: yes, the Delly 1 does look like the Kobe 8, especially at the midfoot, but many low tops do. It is obvious that Nike sets trends for it has the billions to invest in R&D and find out what works. Yes, the TPU heel cup at the rear resembles that of the Kobe 8, but they aren’t identical. And how many different ways can one do a heel cup on a low top?!

peak delly 1 3

Now that that’s out of the way, one can clearly see how the outsole on the Delly 1 differs from that of the Kobe 8. The PEAK Delly 1 features tight herringbone and another pattern made of triangles that resembles the PEAK logo. The Chinese brand put a true carbon fiber shank in the DH1 and it looks like real carbon is placed at the midfoot of Delly’s first sig. The only way to know for sure is when PEAK releases the official tech specs or when we get these in hand.

You can get a great look at what the upper is made of in the close up photo of the Delly logo at the tongue. The green and yellow upper matches the Australian jersey fans are used to seeing Dellavedova in. We can’t to see the spec sheet for this latest PEAK signature.

For now, enjoy the photos below and share your thoughts in the comments. What price would the PEAK Delly 1 have to be for you to cop it?

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peak delly 1 2
peak delly 1 10
peak delly 1 8
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peak delly 1 4
  1. Looks exactly like the Kobe 8 if you ask me..lets see if it performs the same.. Even the traction placement is identical.

          1. I feel it safe to say that they’re as close to be the same as it can be without being 100% identical. The same patterns are used in the same placements and configurations, with just the sizing of the patterns being different.

  2. I’m sorry but that outsole looks similar to the Kobe 8 that had herringbone and what NW called dron scales. I guess Delly wouldn’t complain since he probably couldn’t believe he got a sig shoe. Now why dont these Chinese shoe companies give Jeremy Lin a sig shoe. I know he’s with Adidas but how long is that contract?

    1. I’ve often wondered why Lin doesn’t have a shoe, but from what these commenters say ANYTHING is better than having a deal with a Chinese company…PSH. Dwight got a sig, Delly got a sig, Parker got a sig, Wade got another sig.

  3. That’s because it IS the Kobe 8, Delly ALWAYS wears the Kobe 8 in Australian national team colors when he plays over there. multiple occasions he’s worn his favorite pair, which is in the colorway shown: ( bit.ly/DellyKobe8 ) Peak wanted him to have a shoe he loved, and so Delly just showed them this pair, and Peak made it as close to them as they could.

    1. He most recently wore this pair in the NBA All Star break last year in the Rising Stars challenge, the EXACT same pair: ( bit.ly/DellyAllStarKobe8 ) ( bit.ly/DellyRisingStarKobe8 )

  4. Shoe looks like a decent budget model; Peak makes solid performers. I would’ve probably made them look a little less like the Kobes, though. As for Delly getting a sig, I ain’t mad at it. He definitely has a following in the homeland(2000 people showed up to this!) so good on Peak for going with the target market.

  5. I’m really liking the Delly logo..for the uneducated ones, the Delly logo is designed to look like the Australian continent. Another education fact..Jakob Poetl is Austrian not Australian, they are two different countries on two different continent and very far from each other. Hi.

  6. Absolutely loved my Kobe 8s. If this is anything close to that at a budget price, I may cop. Not a huge Delly fan but pure budget performance?!?! Who’s not a fan of that?

  7. It would be funny if all the fans got to see was that cardboard cutout of him. Pro marketing by Peak.

    They made him a shoe he presumably was looking for. Good deal for him, even if he’s not necessarily going to be the talk of the town. Hope the upper is as soft as it looks. Should be nice.

  8. Well their running lines include blatant copies of Nike Lunarglide and New Balance Fresh Foam, so a Kobe knock-off is not out of the ordinary.

    At least the TP and DH lines look original I can give them that.

  9. thats so embarrassing. you’re an nba player and you get your own shoe!… except its a blatant chinese imitation of a Kobe. I hope the money is good bc he’s going to get made fun of a lot for wearing fake Kobes

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