Here’s What Painting in a Single Pair of Air Jordans for 20 Years Looks Like

It’s pretty gnarly…

Artist Dave White has shared his pair of original Air Jordan 1s from 1985 that he’s been painting with for the past twenty years.

You may remember that Dave White did a fan-favorite collaboration with Jordan Brand on the Air Jordan 1 a few years back. One can only imagine how much of a dream come true that was since he’s been painting in the same pair of Jordans for the two decades.

It seems crazy but White has held onto these shoes for so long, and has produced numerous pieces of art in them, that now the shoes themselves have become a piece of art. Guess that’s the circle of life.


  1. pretty remarkable that his soles didn’t split or anything. Great that he straight up wore them relentlessly as he liked them.

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