Our Best Look Yet at What Could be the adidas Harden Vol 4

Our best look yet at what is rumored to be the upcoming adidas Harden Vol 4.

First of all, shout out to the iPhone user that decided to use his/her device to take some great looking product shots at what is believed to be the adidas Harden Vol 4. These might be the clearest leaked images we’ve ever seen.

As for the shoe, they look like they’re definitely a Harden shoe. With James Harden’s logo being featured on the heel and outsole, along with James Harden’s name engraved in the heel counter, there is no denying this is a Harden shoe. Whether or not this is the Vol 4, another team model, or a scrapped design has yet to be confirmed — but if we were to take our best guess… we’re looking at Harden’s next signature shoe.

Lightstrike is used for the midsole cushion. Making some wonder if Boost is one it’s way out as adidas doesn’t own the technology. Some may be upset that Boost is missing, but if you’ve used Lightstrike before then you may be drooling at the thought of the lightweight cushion being used in a way that looks rather reminiscent of adidas’ old FYW and PureMotion setups.

Materials look to be a mixture of premium overlays atop a textile build. Something I miss from the Harden Vol 1 and would be very happy to see return. It also looks as if the forefoot elastic band from the Vol 3 has moved up to the midfoot a bit.

There is no official word from adidas that this is the adidas Vol 4 or when they will release, but we’ve been told by a friend working at a popular retailer that they’re currently scheduled to release on November 1. The retail price has yet to be unveiled.

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  1. If you want to use this shoe casually, which i think is definitely possible with this model, you could opt for fatter flat laces which should give the shoe a more robust appearance.

  2. Hopefully the suede/nubuck material isn’t the cheap stuff that fades hella quick. FYW on a Harden could be dope though!

  3. The best looking Harden since the launch model. If the price is reasonable and the toe area isn’t restrictive, I’ll give them a shot.

  4. it’s Adidas BYW with a bit of FYW. only main difference is the cushion used is now LightStrike.

  5. Love the different materials giving the shoe some added depth and layering hahha. Excited to see how the light strike feels since i never played in the next level

  6. A modern hybrid of FYW and PureMotion is intriguing. Where’s Duke to do some fist pumps? 😉 The aesthetics are interesting. Besides the overly large toe cap, I like the mix of materials and shapes. Wish adidas had stayed with herringbone traction for the whole shoe, but if it performs then I won’t care. I’m excited to finally try out lightning foam. I love Boost done right, but will gladly play in another foam like Lightning if I there’s enough impact protection for my knees and it’s durable.

  7. The other cws of this shoe look meh to me, but this cw looks good. I really like that theyre doing a fyw outsole, but for me fyw is at its best when it has a couple flex zones in the forefoot. That really enhances the 1 to 1 court feel. So far in the newer fyw models, the byw and this, the forefoot is flat. I hope they release a shoe in the future with a really flexible forefoot, either in a fyw or puremotion type setup.

    1. I think you would like the Harden 3 – the upper is back to a normal tongue and the cushioning is great. Thin and dense, but I haven’t bottomed out yet.

  8. I was wondering why they had Harden wearing the Next Lvl during warmups. I also saw Hume wearing the Crazy Boost You Wear so they must have been having see how he likes both of those before combining them into one shoe. I imagine he is wear testing them right now since that was just a little under 2 mins ago.

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