“Open the Box” Visits OKC’s Premier Sneaker Boutique, The Laboratory

George Kiel has taken his series Open the Box to Oklahoma City to see how two childhood friends opened a successful sneaker boutique.

Founded by Landon Liddell and Alan Casiano, The Laboratory OKC is the duo’s first sneaker store. Soon, they’ll be opening a new location in Dallas, Texas, so if you’re in the DTX look out. While they knew that sneaker culture was alive and well in OKC, Liddell and Casiano had no idea how many people would actually come through the store. As you can tell, the store was a hit.

While somewhat small, The Laboratory has a staggering number of shoes all around the store. Of course, the boutique carries all of the hype stuff — BAPE, Supreme, KITH, etc. — and now, NBA players like Nick Young, D’Angelo Russell, and half the Jazz squad roll through the store.

Check out the latest episode of Open the Box below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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