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On-Feet Look of the Air Jordan 11 Retro ’72-10′

The release for this upcoming shoe is still five months away but you can still ogle the Air Jordan 11 Retro ’72-10′ with this on-feet look.

The shoe looks to diverge from all past Jordan 11 releases with never-before-seen features on the silhouette. The iridescent patent leather really is shown off in the pictures below, with tumbled leather peeking through that. That black tumbled leather is also on the eyelet area, which is normally made out of either smooth leather or Cordura mesh. Red carbon fiber is a welcome change to the tooling, with a glow in the dark outsole being utilized for the first time as well.

If you didn’t know, the nickname of the shoe is to commemorate the best record in NBA history with Michael Jordan’s 1995-96 Bulls accomplishing that feat with MJ rocking the 11s all year.

Expect the Air Jordan 11 Retro ’72-10′ to release on Saturday, December 19th for a retail price of $220.

Air Jordan 11 Retro '72-10' 1996 Chicago Bulls on foot outsole Air Jordan 11 Retro '72-10' 1996 Chicago Bulls on foot side Air Jordan 11 Retro '72-10' 1996 Chicago Bulls on foot front Air Jordan 11 Retro '72-10' 1996 Chicago Bulls on foot heel Air Jordan 11 Retro '72-10' 1996 Chicago Bulls Air Jordan 11 Retro '72-10' 1996 Chicago Bulls 2Via @CopKickz

  1. As much as I dig the Gamma’s, these could well be the most fire 11’s I’ve ever seen. Just ridiculous.

    1. The Gammas are your favorie 11s?? Imo the Concords, Space Jams and Breds are still the top 3. And these ’72-10′ won’t change that either…

      1. Gamma’s were a Token 11. They were like the movie “wolverine” in the Xmen series, just something to hold you over till the legit Xmen movie comes out and make another Few Mill while yer at it. Those soles look like they can do a Got Milk commercial all by themselves – Milky.

  2. these mite get someone shot. be carful rockin these. Look over your shoulder walking to the car, look both ways when pumping gas and run a credit check on any new homies

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