Official Look at the Nike Kobe AD Demar DeRozan Debuted at the Drew League

Debuted on-court by Demar DeRozan at the 2018 Drew League, the next installment of the Nike Kobe AD series is releasing sooner than you think.

Currently slated to release on August 24 for $140, the next Nike Kobe AD looks like it could be another top basketball shoe of 2018.

Now that we’re able to get up close with the model we can see the materials are definitely a mix of textiles and synthetic suede — much like the Nike Kyrie 4, Nike PG1, and PG2. This alone has be wanting to grab a pair because I love the mix of the old and new; it requires very little break-in time at the toe without sacrificing support in the rear.

Official tech specs are still unknown, but if we had to bet on it we’d say the shoe features forefoot Lunarlon and heel Zoom Air — the heel Zoom Air being the only tech spec currently confirmed as it’s labeled (and visible) on the shoe.

Check out the official look of the next Nike Kobe AD below and stay tuned for the release. Let us know if you plan on grabbing the shoe — fingers crossed it’s easily attainable.

via US11


  1. I’m inclined to guess it does without a drop-in, based on what appears to be a defined midsole and support borders in contrast to the outsole. I was griping about lack of tongue, but then again the LeBron 15 worked out really well for me as far as providing a secure fit, so maybe this will be all good.

  2. Could these possibly have react? The midsole has diagonal lines sculpted into it akin to the exp and vapor street lifestyle models which use react. Would be dope to have free react like that but I doubt it if these are $140

  3. Hope they are React with zoom. React shouldn’t cost any more than Lunarlon and React has been used in shoes less than $140, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    1. LOL! We can always dream my friend. We can always dream. That shoe would cost an absurdly unreasonable $250.00. Trust.

  4. Been feeling these since y’all first posted on ’em… I need to see them tech specs at the very least, or a performance review, before I buy. I’ve been down for Kobe ADs in the past, only to find they are less than stellar on court, or are lacking in some other area.

  5. The design language is reminiscent of the Kobe 4, the original low-cut Kobe that started the low-cut revolution. I wouldn’t be surprised if the designer(s) intended for this shoe to be an upgraded version of the Kobe 4.

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