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This Is Not a Review of the Air Jordan 18 ‘Black/Sport Royal’

I don’t know how it happened, but I went off on a massive tangent with this one. However, it turned into a decent conversion about the Air Jordan 18, so that’s a plus.

Sneaker content by actual sneaker enthusiasts is rare nowadays. Even comments have gotten away from what draws us to a sneaker and instead all you see is what people end up disliking or hating about a sneaker. It almost seems like nobody is having fun anymore — unless you’re making money off of this thing we call “sneaker culture.”

I originally wanted to talk about the recent Air Jordan 18 ‘Black/Sport Royal’ Retro release but wound up talking about everything but the shoes. It all still pertains to sneakers and I let out some of my thoughts on where we are today vs where we’ve come from. At the very least, this will hopefully get a conversation started.

There are a lot of fakes out here, both from a consumer perspective and a content creator perspective. The goal at WearTesters is to celebrate the real sneaker lovers and bring them together in a way that is positive, fun, and educational — all while being entertaining.

This was not a review of the Air Jordan 18 in Black/Sport Royal but I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to share your thoughts on everything discussed below in the comment section.

  1. I hear you, and I understand that the internet could be overwhelmingly negative at times, but if a commenter doesn’t like something about a shoe, but explains their stance reasonably and doesn’t fly off the handle in an exaggerated fashion, I think its alright to express some qualms they may have about a shoe. Shoes, like art, are subjective (and one could argue that they are art, and I would largely agree), and like art, when they get put out there, theres going to be opinions all over the place. Thats what happens when you decide to put yourself or your creation out there. When Jordan releases a retro with downgraded tech, then you voice your opinion, right? Or when one of the Kobe ADs had a fake zoom pattern on the heel.

    For the most part, the weartesters commentary section is fairly reasonable (I don’t look at the youtube comments, but I would imagine its more reactionary). As long as the commenter isn’t going “this is the worst thing ever” and exaggerating his negativity, it should be fair to voice some aspects of the product we may not agree with. If someone likes it, great. Its your money, go rock it. But I won’t, and that should be fine.

    1. That’s what I said. Liking how something looks is subjective. Not liking something and properly critiquing it is fine too. But to act like this doesn’t happen each and every year and be overdramatic about it is something different. Especially when one you someone says “They aren’t innovating enough.” then they innovate and that same person comes back and says “What are they doing? Keep it simple!” I think it sends mixed messages and it doesn’t help out consumers or the brand.

      1. Alright, fair enough. I saw a joke somewhere where someone wrote “If the world is to achieve peace, we must first abolish all comment sections.” There may be something to that. Sometimes I wonder if the internet has been good for the world overall. Something like the Godfather is considered a classic, but maybe if the internet was around at the time, perhaps there be outcries of “Brando mumbles when he talks. Worst movie ever. 0/10.”

          1. Hey, that was incredibly enjoyable! The banter in between the co host and yourself Nightwing, was fantastic! Made me laugh, really great, as some of these people take the shoes way too seriously. Thanks, I found it great! Those shoes? Never liked them due to the squared off toe box, which gave me fit issues if I were to ball in them. All the best.

  2. As much as I like the tech specs and side aesthetics of this shoe, they do look horrible from the top side. Just got me some air maestro 2s instead. Not the best tech wise, but the materials, color scheme, design and comfort are top notch and for half the price of these. Anyways, these Jordans could have used some color scheme in the linings or outlines just to give them some character or pop. The upper shroud could’ve used a different material or color blocking.

  3. I’ve always thought the cushion in the Jordan 18.5 was freaking awesome. (I also dig the way they look.) Wish Nike would re-release the 18.5 in white/black.

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