NikeTalk Member Beautifully Photoshops the UA Curry 4 in Multiple Colorways

NikeTalk member MarcoRafael decided to photoshop the upcoming UA Curry 4 in a number of colorways we’ve seen used on the Curry 3. Turns out, they aren’t half bad.

While the pair Stephen is wearing during the NBA Finals is gorgeous, we’ve all been wondering how the knitted high top silhouette will look when matched up with traditional DubNation colors — or any other color for that matter.

Luckily, one NikeTalk member, MarcoRafael, has taken it upon himself to PS-render the Curry 4 in some colorways that we’ve seen throughout the past year and they all look great. While these are not official colorways of the UA Curry 4, it’s nice to see how the model will take color.

Keeping things simple with the upper while letting color applications to the midsole do most of the talking is the best approach to me. Keeping up with today’s tonal trend is also a good idea as it stays in line with the modern look the shoe is going for.

On a personal level, this is the best black/yellow version of a Curry shoe I’ve seen. The sleek look of the Curry 4 looks fantastic dressed in this simple color palette.

Let us know how you feel about the UA Curry 4 now that you can visualize them in some different color makeups and stay tuned for official looks at upcoming colorways in the near future.



  1. All of them look a million times better than the all whites Steph wears now. These new joints look like they’re trying to compete with the Hyperdunks and Crazy Explosives.

  2. UA better not give us these same awful CWs as the Curry 3. I’ll be super disappointed. its way too nice of a build to screw it up w/ generic and corny CWs

  3. While these are great color makeups of this shoe, you may want to tread lightly in promoting that Nike insane asylum, Nike’s boiler room, before they come at you again for talking bad about a shoe that they are trying to hype and sell.

  4. These are by far Steph best shoe yet… the black and gold parade joints he showcased at the championship parade are the dopest ones… I actually went looking for the shoe to purchase for my AAU team. ???

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