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Nike’s Concentration at Foot Locker Dropped in 2016

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According to SGB Media, only about 68 percent of Foot Locker’s sales came from Nike Inc. in 2016. That’s down from 72 percent in 2015.

While that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll walk into to your local Foot Locker and see fewer Nike, Jordan Brand, and Converse products, this could show that brands like adidas and Puma are beginning to take hold with Foot Locker customers.

According to SGB, Foot Locker said it purchased approximately 91 percent of its merchandise in 2016 from its top five suppliers — that’s up one percent from five suppliers in 2015. Foot Locker did not details its concentration with any other vendors.

If you’re wondering what Nike’s concentration is at Finish Line, that’s a good question. While the most recent annual report is not yet available (expect it towards the end of April), in its year ended February 28, 2016, Nike represented 73 percent of its sales — the same percentage as last year.

However, Nike Inc.’s concentration at Dick’s Sporting Goods is much lower; according to the brand’s annual report, Nike and Under Armour accounted for approximately 20 percent and 12 percent, respectively, of merchandise purchases in 2016. Those percentages were the same in 2015.

Do you think Nike’s concentration will dip at Finish Line? Have you seen any difference in-store? Let us know.


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Source: SGB Media


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