Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Releases Overseas

The Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 has released overseas, and I’m hoping they drop here in the US.

Nike’s Zoom Venomenon 4 wasn’t a bad model, but these look like they’ve improved quite a bit. There is now heel and forefoot Zoom Air, traction – while hard to see – looks even better than the 4’s, and the upper looks much more breathable. If they release Stateside, I’d be interested in trying them out.

Anyone overseas grab a pair? If so; let us know what you think.
Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Releases Overseas 1 Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Releases Overseas 2 Nike Zoom Venomenon 5 Releases Overseas 3


Via G2 & hupu


    1. That’s right. “Top loaded” is usually just underneath the sock liner, or recessed slightly into the midsole, whilst bottom loaded is underneath the midsole.

      1. What is the difference of bottom loaded vs top loaded zoom? Besides where the zoom is loaded of course.

        1. The zoom bag is more likely to pop or wear out more since its handling more impact, whereas top loaded is supported with the foam surrounding it handling less pressure.

  1. Not a fan of this line, but if you can see the zoom bag thru the outsole. I just might go and grab a pair.

  2. looks like a better version of the hyperchase (which i enjoy playing in a good deal), actually

  3. From a cushioning standpoint, people who want heel/forefoot Zoom, this is the shoe. This shoe being available in the U.S, and performance is pending though.

  4. When will Nike stop using flywire? The strings make every shoe look to kch alike and more importantly, they don’t do much for support.

    1. They do something for support for really minimal setups, like the some of the runners with mesh or em or even the original hyperrev to a lesser extent I can feel it.

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