Nike Zoom Soldier X (10) | Detailed Look and Review

The Nike Zoom Soldier is back with it’s tenth installment, which is pretty crazy for a sub-signature line of sneakers.

If you wanted a detailed look and review of these bad boys prior to the official performance review then you’ve come to the right place. We break the shoe down, discuss the tech specs, and a little insight into our first impressions based on trying them on.

Stay tuned for the upcoming performance review in the next couple of weeks and let us know if you’ve got the Nike Zoom Soldier 10 on your list of potential on-court pickups for the year.


  1. I got mine from for 104.00 plus free 3-8 day shipping got mine in 4 days. Shoes are comfortable can’t wait to get them on court I can really feel the zoom units these are one of the few shoes I don’t feel the need to wear an ankle brace.

  2. they do look like a high top 20-5-5’s. those were some good shoes. I believe they were full length zoom and they felt amazing.

  3. The more that I see the shoe, the more I wonder why the velcro comes down so far onto the midsole. Can anyone tighten them that far? Was there no way to have the velcro on just the strap and upper of the shoe and have it give the same affect? It just looks weird.

  4. I think it’s a great idea that velcro goes so far. Over time, the straps could stretch and it takes care of that. Old Zoom soldier straps would curl up over time as they stretched and always got caught on stuff.

    1. down the whole midsole bro? you dont think that’s overkill especially for the second strap. No foot can be in the shoe and have the strap go that far. they might possibly stretch but i doubt that it would be that far. i never had that issue in my soldier 6 but then again, i wasnt relying solely on a strap for fit so it’s possible that they might need more but it just seems a bit much. Looking forward to a clean triple black cw if anything.

  5. Appreciate the review, dude. I think the strap system will work im harmony with the snug fit. Hopefully you can feel those huge zoom units.

  6. I tried em and overall i dont like them. I have the 9 and the foam on the side hurts but other wise ok the toe is kinda loose with no laces. The X really relies on the shape for fit the straps dont reaaly add much. The achillies area is overly high on the x vs the ix.

  7. Hi Nightwing2303… waiting for your performance review on Soldier 10. I just got a pair and was actually not that excited after reading a few reviews others have done. However, I tried them on… felt good. Then I got to play in them and I thought they were great. I wear a size 12. They were snug. No pinching, or heel counter digging into my ankle. All straps do in fact stretch, not just the top one. I thought the cushioning was pretty good… not on the level of a boost shoe, but still pretty good imho. Traction was good too. Mine have the translucent sole and the rubber is pliable and pretty decent even on dusty courts. The only problem was containment on hard cuts.

    Your feedback is highly valued, so I look forward to your expert review.

  8. You can’t even get your foot into the shoe because the ankle is so small. Retailers say people turning away from the because of it.

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