The Nike Zoom Shift 2 Leaks Online, Shows What Nike Has Planned for Budget-Friendly Basketball Shoes

Nike appears to have something new coming for its budget-friendly line because leaked images of the Zoom Shift 2 have surfaced.

Images of the Nike Zoom Shift 2 were published in a leak by Hupu user GuSirr and they reveal a lot about what Nike has coming.

The takedown model appears to carry over the same tooling as the original Zoom Shift — a usual move for Nike within its lower tier lines — which features forefoot Zoom Air within a Phylon midsole. (You can check out AnotherPair’s Nike Zoom Shift Performance Review for more information on the original.)

The same traction pattern used on the original Zoom Shift is also used on the outsole here, but things begin to differ in the upper. A slip-on bootie textile upper is used like the original, but there is much less fuse visible, and there seems to be a focus on lighter weight and ventilation with this sample. Good luck replacing the laces on these if this indeed turns out to be final Nike Zoom Shift 2.

Neither pricing nor availability have been confirmed for the Nike Zoom Shift 2. The original Zoom Shift retailed for $100, released in June of 2017, and quickly went on sale.

What are your thoughts on the Nike Zoom Shift 2 so far? Sound off down in the comments.

nike zoom shift 2

nike zoom shift 2 2

nike zoom shift 2 3



Images via Hupu


  1. Uh, forget the Shift 2, what’s that with the Mamba symbol in the background of the last picture?? New Instinct, maybe? A mid? Argh, so many questions! What’s in the booooxxxx?!?!?

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