The Nike Zoom Lebron Ambassador 9 Gets Deconstructed

First and foremost, happy New Year to all. There is no better way to start the new year with getting to see new kicks getting taken apart. We get just as eager as you do when a fastpass deconstruction drops. Now, the fastpass team drives deep into the innards of the Nike Zoom Lebron Ambassador 9 along with a comparison to its predecessor, the Ambassador 8.

Upon first look of the Ambassador 9, it looks nothing like the 8 but more so like a modified Lebron 13 Low. Gone are the poly-lace wings and the zip-up bootie — instead, a more conventional lacing setup is used. The tongue is very well padded and the shoe is influenced by the 13 with its mesh material reaching midway of the tongue — all while eliminating dead-space and offering proper foot lockdown. The Ambassador 9 also features a thick insole, Flywire lacing, a rubberized midsole TPU support plate, a rubberized Heel counter and of course, Zoom Air cushioning visible in the heel window and also forefoot zoom air.

The heel Zoom seemed to have shrunk in size from 13.77mm (Ambassador 8) to 10.6mm (Ambassador 9) while the forefoot Zoom unit seems to have been enlarged slightly from 7.06mm (Ambassador 8) to 8.35mm (Ambassador 9). We’re not sure why the changes were made but we’d assume a larger Zoom Air bag would increase impact protection. Just because there is a different size of cushion used doesn’t mean it hinders performance. However, we’ll see what’s what in the performance review soon.

In the meantime, make sure you check out the entire deconstruction and comparisons. For those who have owned the Ambassador’s 8, we’ve heard a lot of you have grown to love the shoe. Let’s see if some of the minor changes will entice you to upgrade and enjoy this pair. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Ambassador 9 Deconstruction-12

\Ambassador 9 Deconstruction-43

Source: fastpass


      1. Man, NY, I might have to go cop before they sell out on eBay like the past ambassadors do in my size/desired CW. They end up being worth the investment to me and id4shoes is GREAT with shipping to the USA in a timely manner.

    1. For real. I had the Ambassador 8 and those things felt amazing. I might have to shell out the $ and get these since I got rid of those if these play as well or better.

  1. My request to Nike – the heel zoom from the Solider 8 with the forefoot flight plate zoom from the Melo line.

  2. How is it that the 3rd tier LeBron sneaker, that doesn’t even sell in the US, has more cushion than the Kobe AD, Kyrie 3 and most Nike shoes in general?

  3. Why and what are the differences between the Zoom bags I’ve seen from the Ambassador 9 which looks to be filled with “sponge” where the Ambassador 8 has spaced out “sponge” and the KD 9/10 where it looks to have only columns of “strings”. Can anyone explain the difference of these Zoom bags?

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