Nike Zoom Kobe 4 ‘Prelude Pack’ – Detailed Look

Tomorrow, December 28th, 2013, brings the fourth installment of the Nike Kobe Prelude Pack. I really wanted the Zoom Kobe 1-3 for performance purposes but struck out each time. While I wanted the 1-3, the 4 is by far my favorite of the pack. They are a beautiful design, great on-court and they make the art meets function thing really blend well together. Yes, the Kobe 1 & 2 did this as well but the 4 really pops and I think it actually works well.

If you wanted a small preview or detailed look at what you can expect then check out the images below. Will you be going after the Nike Zoom Kobe 4 ‘Prelude Pack’ or are you trying to grab something else?

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 'Prelude Pack' - Detailed Look 1

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 'Prelude Pack' - Detailed Look 2

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 'Prelude Pack' - Detailed Look 3


    1. Me and wifey both have raffle tickets for size 11.5 and now just waiting for the call from Houseof hoops. By FARRR the 1’s in Person are the Sickest with that Heavy Weight Python upper. I got her a pair of Prelude pack GS 3’s and 2’s in size 7Y. These are Graffiti cool and the 5’s are dope as well. For me its the 1’s 4’s and 5’s. The Marble 2’s are to bland and would rather wait on a Black and Yellow reiisue. The 3’s is aight but a bit heavy on the anthracite plastic detailing. Damn is that them calling now…………………

  1. I’m trying very hard to click the damn TLO link as fast as possible and add to cart. 1…. Just 1, at least 1 of the Prelude pack. 0 for 3 so far.

    I didn’t think it would be this impossible for us Europeans. lol

  2. It would be interesting to see how these hold up with lunarlon in them. The original had lunar foam, which seemed to wear out fast for a lot of people.

  3. These and the vi are the ones I want the most. I’m reading from my phone right now, so I can’t see the picture too well… Do these have a translucent bottom?

  4. I don’t have much interest in the Prelude Pack as a whole. Nike is capitalizing on us big time at this point. The prices for these are insane.

  5. I would love to see a review of Kobe 1-3. Kobe 1 has carbon fiber sidewalls damn. I prefer Kobe 2 over the Crazyquick Kobe 2 got the idea first ^^

  6. Ha nobdy gottem tday lol. Dum nike wasnt prepared and had a tech difficulty (my impression of an adidas guy) but it is good for me because i just woke up and on the east coast it is 12 o clock lol and they release at 8 o clock lol.

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