Nike Unveils the Hyperdunk 2016

This is what we have been waiting on — Nike is finally bringing the designs. Nike Innovation unveiled the 2016 basketball lines (some of them, anyway) today in New York City. One of those shoes is the Nike Hyperdunk 2016. After a little stumble (in our opinion) last year, Nike adds Flyknit and full-length Zoom Air to the 2016 model as well as a sleeker, more comfortable upper. But who are we to tell you this? Nike took care of it:

nike hyperdunk 2016 2

Eight years after its 2008 debut in Beijing, the Nike Hyperdunk unveils a striking technical and stylistic evolution ahead of summer competition in Rio. Combining an ultra-high Nike Flyknit upper with an enhanced, precisely positioned full-length Zoom Air unit, the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 serves the speed, lateral cutting, elevation and impact of the modern game.

The shoe’s high-cut Flyknit upper was specially crafted to provide an enhanced locked-in feel. Along with extending the collar, Nike designer Leo Chang paired targeted zones — for lockdown support, dynamic stretch and breathability, respectively — with Nike Flywire cables. Integrated into the forefoot, they provide supplemental support where it’s needed for pivots, cuts and jumps.

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 The Nike Hyperdunk 2016 is available globally beginning in July in an Elite Flyknit version (outlined above) as well as high- and low-top versions with engineered mesh uppers.

nike hyperdunk 2016 3Source: Nike


  1. I like them- Finally something less boring. Competition from adidas brandblack and under armour finally is making them go all out ( or at least trying something different)

  2. wow Nike is going nuts with these new designs. can’t wait for performance reviews on the new lebrons, hyperdunk, kd9, kd8 elite.

    1. I completely agree. With the Kd 9, I feel like it was odd of Nike from a business standpoint to release images before the 8 elite is even available…

  3. Nike is bringing for the Olympics and next basketball season. PLEASE keep the prices reasonable.

  4. I love functional innovation, but I wonder if someone will tell us how people are supposed to wash those socks? Perhaps the entire shoe built for the washing machine? I do not know, but sweat will be absorbed and things can, and will, get messy after a few wears.

    1. i’m pretty sure you are supposed to wear a pair of socks underneath, the ‘compression sock’ won’t keep your foot from rubbing against the footbed, i’m pretty sure…kd wears socks with his kd8 elite, so this is my guess….

  5. Nike is really stepping up their game. If these stay at $140 like previous HyperDunks, I will be VERY surprised

  6. Leo Chang….Tinker 2.0??? Anyways, this explosion of new Nike shoes and innovation is crazy. Just when things were seemingly dying down. Can’t wait for the future of Nike

    1. I think Jason Petrie is a better designer than Leo. His snafu on twitter has made Nike resort to using Leo as thier spokesperson. Im sure Jason does a lot behind the scenes.

  7. I like the full length zoom and the way its revealed on the bottom. Its a good sign how they’re bragging about the ‘snap back, trampoline effect’ already- that means we can really feel the zoom here. I’m not liking how un-durable the traction looks, or the sock thing(but there is a low coming). The hyperdunk used to push shoe design and influence the whole industry, and this looks like its getting back to that.

  8. The socks are wrong for basketball in my opinion(they need more structure to work), however the Low-Top Hyperdunk should be quite awesome(imagining it with a nice tongue, and heel-tab instead of the sock).

  9. Interesting shoe. Even though the sock is better aesthetically than the 2015s boot design, the sock has got to go. I don’t like nor wear socks that high. Can’t wait to see the lows without the sock. The zoom sounds good. We’ll see if it lives up to Nike’s claims. Would be exciting if it did and we finally got another Hyperdunk with awesome cushioning…

  10. I really don’t like FlyKnit. Nike should stick to variations of engineered mesh. FlyKnit is a bad gimmick that doesn’t really add anything to a shoe’s performance other than being light weight.

  11. Looks like it has some hints of the original silhouette. Really think that collar/sock thing is a gimmick, though.

    Depending on how the knit pans out, it makes me wonder if it can co-exist with the HyperRev. I get that any company will look to offer selection, but I feel like there’s going to be a point of redundancy if options only differ by ~$20 or so.

  12. interesting upper but the idea is the same as the kd elites… is he the same designer? traction may be good as it kind of reminds me of the wiper blades of brandblack. the question in my mind is on the cushioning… wouldn’t the cored-out sole minimise the trampoline or bounce effect since most of the force will be lost/dispersed through those cut-outs? doesn’t the zoom unit need a solid base to work of off?

  13. I think nike saw adidas putting full length boost on all their upcoming models and had to step it up… I’ll be looking out for the lows hopefully nike doesn’t disappoint

  14. These look amazing but well see how they perform, I am so excited for next seasons shoes from all the brands or should I say my body and especially my feet are lol! Btw you are definitely supposed to wear socks under the compression sock, if it works like neoprene it shouldn’t be too stinky and you know what I’m saying if you have shoes with some kind of neoprene like compression. Especially BC the sock is more on your lower shin than your stinky a$$ foot lol, just my speculation I guess well see when they release. Either way they have to be better than the 2015s !!

  15. it wont be stinky because sole of the feet is where are the all bacteria that produce stink… i am skeptical about that full length zoom unit though… its too far from the ground , and it doesnt seem to have much space to flex , it could be just a mimic … what do you think nightwing ?

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