Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite

Nike’s switching things up a bit as they unveil each shoe within their post season Elite series one at a time. Today’s highlight? The upcoming Nike LeBron 13 Elite.

While they’re switching up how they introduce consumers to the Elite Series, it looks like they’ve taken a look at their original lineup as the White/ Gold and Black/ Gold color scheme makes a much needed return. The LeBron 13 and KD 8 Elite aren’t half-assed redesigns either — thank goodness. Each shoe has received a completely overhauled upper, even though tooling remains very similar to the original product.

Personally, I feel the LeBron 13 Elite is the most significant change compared to the original shoe as more cushion has been implemented along with completely different materials.

Check all the official information and tech specs about the upcoming LeBron 13 Elite and be sure to stay tuned to WearTesters for their performance review.

 Press Release: Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 1

LeBron James will wear the LEBRON 13 Elite — an evolved version of his 13th shoe — as he seeks his third ring.

The key technical upgrades to the LEBRON 13 Elite come through a durable Kurim cage upper, carbon fiber shank, full-length bootie and two additional hexagonal Zoom Air-sole units on each shoe (six total per shoe). Designed to work in tandem, these elements create a stronger and lighter shoe built for the season’s stretch run.

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 2

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 5

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 4

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 3

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 17

Kurim, an extremely pliable and durable material used throughout the upper, brings a new aesthetic and provides a skin-like fit that moves with each stride. Thinner layers are placed in areas that need more flexibility while thicker layers are in those that require added support.

Additional upgrades further differentiating this new Elite version from its predecessor include a full-length bootie and leather toecap.

These, in combination with the Kurim cage upper, carbon fiber shank and Zoom Air-sole units, realize three key benefits:

1. Dynamic lockdown

2. Optimal stability

3. Articulated, responsive cushioning

The LEBRON 13 Elite launches in red on April 14 at and select retail locations. Two additional colorways will be available May 5 (white) and May 26 (black).

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 7

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 8

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 9

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 10

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 11

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 12

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 13

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 14

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 15

Nike Unveils the LeBron 13 Elite 16


  1. I like the shoes. But Bron knows he’s a damn lie talking about he has input on the shoes. He’s not Kobe. lol

      1. if Lebron has input on his shoes, I would personally say that he sucked at it. atleast half of his shoes are just terrible or plain re-hashes. although this one I like and could be a purchase after a very long time since the Lebron 6. also, I don’t like the regular 13s, they are butt-ugly and hated the outsole outrigger design that Lebron has been designing since the 12s.

    1. One of the reasons I dislike Kobe Bryant is due to the tenor of comments just like this. His fans seems to be downright delusional, and it comes off as being pathetic. It makes me appreciate Steph Curry even more, happy to see that one does not have to be a asshole, nor surrounded and then supported by them in order to be considered successful.

      1. Id cop for $140. Still counting the days until Nike lets Jason Petrie out of whatever closet they have him working out of. Derrick Rose is a non factor in the sneaker game and its always fun to hear the designers though process behind the shoe.

        1. I am happy that LeBron is speaking over Petrie, because LeBron actually uses the shoe, not the designer. He can design whatever he wants, but it would be more interesting to hear why he didn’t get LeBron’s shoe right for LeBron two years in a row, especially after making that crack about Rose. Here he is, Petrie, designing a shoe that the sig bearer could not even wear, and if he did, he most definitely would have gotten injured in them. That is what happens when you hire from Nike Talk. It is pretty funny what happened with that guy Rock Deep, another supposed Nike employee, over there as well.

  2. So…. Kurim-Rubber is an Elite version of Armorposite. UA definitely taking the lead with the Curry 2.5.

    1. Kurim is the Name of the Company that invented flown moulded PU applications for shoes. It is not rubber. It has been at a ton of shoes before. Kobe VI´s or at a lot of Tennis shoes. Kurim is calling that Fine Mold. There are currently a Punch of other companies around that are doing the same Thing. The stuff at the Curry 2.5 and this is the same. At the Kobe III and for example the Zoom Cage 2 direct injection is used. With this process ou can use harder material as it is put with pressure into the mold. Fine Mold stuff is quite soft so you Need to reinforce the upper if you use direct injection (for sure more expensive) ja can get the structure out of the injected plastic. A good example is here the Zoom Cage 2. First samples were done with Kurim and then they made it with direct injection.

  3. Kurim Upper was used on their Nike Football Zoom General 1 model.
    Looks like they went full inspiration/theme the sneaker has with the pattern, and for some, good to see Carbon Fiber back in.
    Let’s see if the all additions translates to additional performance though.

  4. UA take notes. No weird rubbery patterns AND funky colours at the same time, Nike knows (at least with these).

  5. lebron your toes look like 5 clowns crammed in a shoe box. tell nike to make some wider shoes and then i might buy

  6. these aren’t for me, but i’m sure they’ll be excellent, if expensive, shoes for big, powerful, explosive players…

    1. Actually LeBrons are more for the medium-sized players, until the LeBron 5 they were the Big-Man’s shoe of choice, after the LeBron 6 though, they’re more like a chunky-guard shoe(it’s when Shooting Guards become more of the target-area, not Centers, or Power Forwards).

      1. I think the lebron 10 was a big man shoe to be honest. full length air max zoom, plus great traction, and support with great cushion that doesnt bottom out. thats something a big man dreams of for a shoe

  7. These are interesting. Obviously this shoe has less bells and whistles that the regular gr, no posite, but why do I think that this shoe will be more expensive? They are the Soldier with laces, not the strap. I guess the “cage” replaces the straps for lateral stability, just to keep the foot upon the foot bed, which means the upper must be pretty soft, which will allow LeBron to actually wear this shoe, unlike the other iterations of the Elite series. In the vid LeBron is saying that Nike has listened to him, at least this time, so let’s see if this shoe actually works.

  8. Oh yeah, one more thing! lol That big assed swoosh really destroys the individual appeal of this shoe. It makes the shoe look like a TEAM shoe, as opposed to LeBron’s shoe. One of the things that makes a shoe like the LBJ 3 so appealing, is the inconspicuous swoosh at the heel. I guess Nike wants everyone to know that this is a NIKE shoe, especially after the failures of suiting up LeBron over the last few years.

    1. same here. I always hated that super-imposed logo at the frontal side which is out of place or an ugly location for such a logo like Nike. it would have been nicer if they only put that at the tongue or heel area where it should belong. or just put it where the Jordans would have that logo.

  9. Interested on these, wonder if they’re goung to be worth the retail most lebron elites are ( 230-250ish)

  10. These are sweet. Only potential problem I see is that lateral carbon fiber wing… will it dig into my ankle???

  11. Man I like these. The upper kind of looks like Clutchfit, and the added cushion/carbon fiber should be great. Great job by Nike on these ones

  12. I like the changes to the shoes. Aesthetically they look much better than the regular 13s. I really like the reds. Very interested on how the fit has changed and if the cushioning is noticeable and better. If these get good performance reviews, then I will look to get a pair on discount…

  13. The upper is much better looking than the original 13 and also looks like it will have better step in comfort and flexibility in the upper, I agree with one of the comments above that said the swoosh hurts its appeal, it doesn’t look terrible but should be a little more inconspicuous for a lebron signature shoe.

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