The Nike SB x NBA Collection Shows How Basketball Has Influenced Skateboarding

Basketball plays an influential role in skateboarding, from the style and apparel to the functionality of the footwear. The Nike SB x NBA Collection highlights the crossovers between style and function of the two sports.

“As a skateboarder, I’ve always looked at those early basketball shoes from an aesthetic standpoint — because the style was always cool — but also from a technological standpoint, because of the similarities in our need for impact and support,” said Nike SB skateboarder Eric Koston in a statement.

Using classic footwear silhouettes such as the Nike Bruin, Blazer, and Dunk, the Nike SB x NBA Collection takes it back to the roots of basketball and skateboarding. The Nike Dunk, a staple in both basketball and skateboarding, is a prime example of the crossover between functionality and style with key features such as padded ankle collars and a flat, stable base.

The two pieces of apparel in the collection are the Nike SB x NBA Satin Bomber and the Nike SB x NBA Hoodie. Both pieces will come in various colors and sport a simple oversized NBA logo.

The Nike SB x NBA Collection releases on October 13, with the exception of the pink Nike SB x NBA Bruin and Hoodie in pink which will release on December 1. No pricing information has been announced.


Source: Nike

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