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Nike Reportedly Trademarks Kyrie Irving Logo

Nike Reportedly Trademarks Kyrie Irving Logo

Nike has trademarked a logo that may be for Kyrie Irving, according to Darren Rovell. This would make sense considering Irving is one of the signature athletes for Nike Basketball that gets promoted, but doesn’t have his own signature sneaker like Kobe, LeBron and Durant. In comparison, this is Kyrie’s previous Nike logo from his PE Hyperdunks (via NikeInc): Nike Reportedly Trademarks Kyrie Irving Logo 2


While this information is purely speculative for now, Irving’s fame looks to be on the rise with the addition of new Cavs teammate, LeBron James. Kyrie is already well-known for his “Uncle Drew” commercials and was last season’s All-Star MVP.

With all of that said, do you feel Kyrie is deserving of his own signature shoe? Would you buy such a sneaker? Also, what do you think of the new Kyrie Irving logo? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. This logo is dope because it contains the “K” “I” and “2”

    I’ve been saying it for a while now and even louder after he recently won ASG MVP…Nike give Kyrie his sig!

    **NIGHTWING: The site lost the recent comments section after the maintenance updating.

    1. He’s getting his sig. Early 2015. I think I remember it being $120. There will be a Duke Pack. That’s all I know

    2. His previous logo also contained the “K”, “I”, and his number “2” in Roman Numerals. Look carefully, it is a lot cleaner looking than the new one too.

      1. I’m just now seeing this comment. I do prefer his older one and at the time of my comment I didn’t even realize there was new one.

  2. like almost every nike player logo its terrible. Nike tries to be clever and they’re not. it just ends up looking like crap. the I is split into (II) to look like the roman numeral for his jersey no. 2. neither letter looks good at all. and their seeming obsession w/ negative space needs to stop. tbh they suck at what they do

  3. Maybe it’s time for Nike to have signature shoes to a pure PG and Uncle Drew is the perfect PG to have signature shoes…the logo,maybe much better if it is thick….

  4. This new one is better…especially what Jovone said, i’ll look GREAT on Hyperdunks. The original just looks like a K with an Old English-esque feel to it.

      1. haha no he isn’t. He is barely a top 10 pg. Cant defend,can barely pass, can’t win, takes bad inefficient shots. Kemba Walker and Isaiah Thomas have similar stats.

        1. Kyrie can’t win because the Cavs are horrible, and he doesn’t have alot of assists because again the Cavs are horrible, Kemba and Isaiah have similiar numbers because they have players around them that actually command a defenses attention in Rudy Gay and Demarcus Cousins in Sacramento and Al Jefferson in Charlotte, thats why they had similiar numbers because they weren’t anywhere near the best players on their team, Kyrie having the numbers he has on the team he has played for makes him easily a top 5 pg, granted he isn’t the best shot taker some times that is true.

          1. Dion Waiters is a talent, Varejo is good, Tristan Thompson is serviceable. How many top 5 picks does Kyrie need to turn them into a winning ball club? now he’s just gonna ride on Lebrons coat tales. Behind Al Jefferson, Kemba has no one to throw the ball to to make shots. He has to create for everyone else. At least Kyrie had guys who could hit shots and create their own offense. Isaiah Thomas wasn’t supposed to perform this way, he was the last pick in the same draft as Kyrie, yet they still put up similar number with very similar skill sets. Id put Paul,Parker,Westbrook,Curry, a healthy D Rose and John Wall in front of Kyrie at this point. And maybe even Lilliard

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