What is Nike React? It Debuts in the Hyperdunk 2017 and Jordan Super.Fly 2017

We all are wondering what is Nike React? Is it and improved Lunarlon? Is it the next generation of Zoom? Let’s find out.


According to Nike, React is is part of the brand’s new cushioning line up. It aims at pushing what’s possible with foam and other cushioning platforms — such as Nike Air VaporMax and Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% featuring ZoomX — to update its technology for modern athletes.

Foam can be lightweight, or it can be resilient, but generally has a hard time being both while also remaining durable. Nike says React is all three.

According to Nike, the brand flexed its in-house manufacturing ingenuity and fine-tuned the chemistry over hundreds of iterations by using scientific methods to dial in on materials with certain favorable attributes.

Nike React is a proprietary foam that allows Nike to have full control over the properties and manufacturing of Nike React. It also, like the VaporMax tooling that is fabricated in-house in Oregon, stops overseas manufacturers from stealing the technology.

Nike is claiming that React delivers greater energy return than any other Nike basketball foam tested — that does not mean it delivers greater energy return than any foam (looking at you Boost).

Nike looked to the sport of basketball to test its new foam; it’s a sport that is ever-changing, fluid, fast, and taxing on the body — especially the feet and ankles. According to Nike, React was subjected to 2,000 hours of basketball weartesting. It should be soft, springy, squishy, and stable all at once.

Nike React has been implemented in the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 and the Nike React Hyperdunk 2017, debuted by Draymond Green. Both shoes contain a fully encased full-length Nike React core.

The Nike Sports Research Lab spearheaded the design process for both basketball shoes; both new shoes are the results of athlete data; researchers studied how the athletes move, in what direction, and with what force. Visualized through pressure maps, a common method of constructing performance sneakers today, the data highlights where exactly athletes need support, cushion, and traction.

The Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 Flyknit and the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 release globally August 3 for $140 each.


Source: Nike


  1. If these can perform like an older micro G set up, than I’ll probably get the hyperdunks, because the 2016 flyknits were one of my favorite shoes this past season.

  2. Looks good gonna take a bit to get me outta Boost cushion & traction are Hall of Fame status..Will wait on Weartester reviews as well…

  3. Want really looking to get another pair of bball shoes since I recently got the KT2, but curiosity is getting the better of me lol. Might just wait till these are discounted but I definitely want to see what React is all about.

  4. I’m interested to see how these do because I don’t think adidas has really implemented boost in basketball to its full potential. The crazy explosive is the closest, but I think if they gave it a little more of that boost feeling from the runners in the forefoot it would be perfect. Maybe they’ll do it someday, but if not maybe this react could do it first. A little more rebound than boost would be good, too. We’ll see, though.

  5. so Nike is using the React name for a new tech. I miss the old days of Cons React Juice. those were fun times

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