Nike Plans to be Powered Entirely by Renewable Energy by 2019 (in North America)

According to a report published by the brand, 75% of all Nike shoes and apparel now contain some sort of recycled material. On top of that, no company in the footwear industry uses more recycled polyester than Nike.

It’s all part of Nike’s latest sustainability efforts, which the brand announced in a business report earlier today. In it, the company detailed the efforts it is making to cut back on emissions and increase sustainability.

Nike is committed to reducing its impacts on the planet and plans to be powered entirely by renewable energy across North America by 2019, with a worldwide goal of 2025.

Moreover, Nike creates yarn, soles, and basketball courts by reusing plastic bottles, manufacturing scraps, and used product. The brand claims that its Air Units are one of its most sustainable items because they are almost entirely recyclable.

For instance, the dye-coloring process used allows 99% of the recoverable dye water to be recycled. In addition, Nike stated that the VaporMax Air Sole contains more than 75% recycled materials, and that it has completely removed the need for a foam midsole as well, which also reduces waste.

For more, check out the steps Nike took to use more renewable energy in North America.



Source: Nike

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