Nike PG3 Black/White | Detailed Look and Review

The next Nike PG3 releases this Friday, February 8, in a simple Black/White colorway, also known as the Hyperdunk X Low.

All kidding aside, the Nike PG3 in the Black/White colorway is the best of the bunch thus far.

The materials aren’t smothered in glue, the synthetic panels are still synthetic and you really can’t go wrong with a colorway this simple. Sure, they could have added a bit more pink to the branding but they’re still clean looking.

However, I’ve been wearing them on-court since they’ve come in and I’m not loving them so far. The fit is painful. Very painful. And I love a nice snug fit. The PG1 offered one of the best feeling fits I’ve had since the Kobe 5 era. Hopefully they break-in. Fast.

Traction has been awful as well. I’m hoping it’s just the clear rubber as the floor I’ve played on them so far felt like an ice rink rather than a basketball court. I ended up switching into my Curry 6s with the solid rubber outsoles and grip was perfect on those. Maybe the traction needs some breaking in as well. We’ll see.

I hope you enjoy the detailed look and review and stay tuned for my performance review in the coming weeks. While you wait, check out Jalique’s Nike PG3 Performance Review. He had a much better experience than what I’m currently having.


  1. I’m one of the people where the fit just didn’t work for me. My feet were screaming to get out of these after 5 minutes. They went straight back to footlocker 2 hours after purchase.

  2. Id love for them to have wide versions of shoes available, even if its just on the website. Back in the leather days, i never had a problem with the fit because leather conforms to whatever your foot shape is. In this era of “one size fits one” materials, they should have multiple widths.

    Some of the most common comments for every shoe that comes out are “does it fit wide feet?” and “can it last outdoors?” Yet companies seem to be going the opposite direction. Just speculation on my part, but maybe those are part of the reason basketball shoe sales are down. Shoes are fitting less people and are getting less durable. People are more informed consumers than ever, and they notice things like that, and the market reflects accordingly.

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