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The following Nike PG 2 performance review is rated PG-13


nike PG 2 performance review anotherpair traction

The shoe features a translucent, multi-directional traction pattern that looks like waves in moving water. Yep, that’s it. Nike made these translucent like water and wavy like water because Paul George has been wet like water from behind the three — except for in the three-point contest, but we aren’t going to talk about that.

As far as the performance, these bad boys were solid. On dirtier courts, dust will stick but it isn’t a deal breaker because traction is still pretty good. If debris begins to pile up all you have to is wipe, and boom! A1 day one traction is back.

On clean courts, we already know it is. The traction performed really well. There were times where my foot would slide out from underneath me, but didn’t alter my game. Overall, I give the PG 2’s traction a solid thumbs up.

nike PG 2 performance review anotherpair cushion

The recipe is the same but boy did it feel different. The PG 2 features a Phylon midsole with Zoom Air in the forefoot, and it felt nice. Cushion quickly became my favorite part of the shoe during testing. For starters, the Phylon is super nice — it isn’t too stiff and it isn’t too mushy, it’s almost perfect.

Additionally, there is an ample-sized Zoom unit in the forefoot that you can feel with every single stride. Its responsiveness is good too; I had to take out my insoles because I was like, “There’s no way I’m feeling the Zoom bag like this!” I thought a trick was being played on me but nope! This setup was dope.

nike PG 2 performance review anotherpair materials

As for the materials on the Nike PG 2, the Swoosh used a mesh upper with some suede panels, and that made for a good combination. The mesh is thick, so durability isn’t an issue. Flexibility is on point out of the box and makes for extremely minimal break-in time. The suede panels at the toe and the rear provide some added durability, so those were a nice touch by Nike.

nike PG 2 performance review anotherpair fit

True to size is the way to go, for everybody. Wide footers, you guys shouldn’t have a problem getting your feet into the Nike PG 2 for a comfortable ride. Those stand-alone straps are key because they allow the shoe to become versatile enough to accommodate all kinds of feet.

Just imagine your foot being water (I got this from legend Bruce Lee, and he was right) — “If you put water in a cup it becomes the cup; if you put water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.” If you put your foot in the PG 2, it will become the PG 2.

Lockdown was and I have no complaints. The adaptive straps work wonders in ensuring that your forefoot is held in place. The lacing system drives your foot into the back of the shoe locking you into a very padded heel counter. Lockdown was easily my second favorite part of the Nike PG 2.

nike PG 2 performance review anotherpair support

There is no “I” in team, and what I mean is that there was no one thing that made the support work well. The support is a team effort; the adaptive straps, the heel counter, the fit, and the materials all play a crucial role when it comes to the support. On the PG 2, the midsole cups the bottom of the heel keeping you on top of the footbed, and an outrigger is placed on the lateral side of the shoe for added stability. The overall support was solid, I really can’t complain.

nike PG 2 performance review anotherpair overall

The Nike PG 2 is a well-rounded shoe and great for people all shapes and sizes. I’d say its definitely an upgrade from the PG 1, and I liked the PG 1. If you are in the market for some new hooping kicks and can decide between the Nike PG 2 or the PG 1, I’d say go with the PG 2 — and at $110, it’s affordable.

As far the aesthetics go, the PG 1 one gets the trophy because the PG 2 just isn’t as good looking as the PG 1 — especially with that smashed koi fish outsole on the ‘Home Craze’ colorway.


  1. “Especially with that smashed koi fish outsole on the ‘Home Craze’ colorway.”

    LOL on point.

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