Nike Officially Unveils Paul George’s Third Signature Shoe, the PG3

Nike and Paul George officially unveil the PG3.

Lighter and faster than any of its predecessors — the Nike PG3 looks to take what worked from the previous models while making subtle improvements.

Shedding weight by removing unnecessary material was step one. Upgrading the traction was step two. Cushion had been great thus far so the only tweak made was softening up the midsole foam which was step three. The PG3 sounds like a certified winner, especially if you enjoyed any of the previous models.

Something that has disappointed some is that the look of the shoe hasn’t evolved much between the PG2 and PG3, which is something we agree with. However, from a performance point of view, the changes made do seem like they’ll play even better than the PG2 — which was already a very good shoe.

The first colorway to release will be the NASA edition. They’ll be limited and available on January 26 at a retail price of $120.

We’ve heard more general release colorways of the PG3 should begin hitting retailers by February 1.

via Nike Inc.


  1. The traction better be much more durable. Im not considering shoes with traction that frays indoors within the first few days of play. Thats just a ripoff.

    I do like it when they refine a shoe and dont change what works about it, as opposed to making changes just to make changes.

  2. I didn’t like this shoe at first but the more pictures I do see the more it’s growing on me. I actually want this NASA colorway, definitely going to try and cop. The PG line hasnt been my favorite shoe to hoop in but i’m liking these

  3. Yeah, the shoe looked weird at first but as always the official pics look better.

    Traction is pretty much exactly the Why Not 0.2s

  4. In my point of view, this shoe is trash because it is just the same thing since the 1s. Nike has never did any significant changes so far. It just gained hype because of the collab with Nasa and some usual gimmicks

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