Nike Officially Unveils the KD 11, Kevin Durant’s Eleventh Shoe

To create the ideal shoe for Kevin Durant, Leo Chang went back to the drawing board and came up with something new: the Nike KD 11.

Kevin Durant has a penchant for comfort — he likes his shoes to have a broken-in feel right from the jump, and he doesn’t tie his laces tight for maximum coziness (many of us noticed Durant’s shoes flopping about on certain plays, to each their own). According to Nike, the feel of Durant’s next shoe had to be somewhere between a sock and a lightweight runner.

“For the tooling, we’ve created a perfect balance of plush ride and bounce,” said Chang in a statement. “This doesn’t always happen; it really needs two materials to make it work.”

Nike KD 11 design sketch

Nike kd 11 sketch

Sketch by designer Leo Chang.

As WearTesters has previously reported, those two materials were Nike React foam and Nike Zoom Air cushioning. According to Nike, React cushions between the court and the body while the Zoom Air is top-loaded to sit right under the foot and provide response. A rubber cupsole houses both foams, although the resulting system rides a bit higher than most basketball shoes.

The Flyknit has also become a bit more plush and a lot softer to satisfy Durant’s needs. “He likes the feel of the Flyknit Trainer and the Nike Epic React,” explained Leo Chang in a statement. “Last summer, he loved the Air Sock Racer — that is where the collar of the 11 came from, and all the lofting in the tongue and quarter followed.”

Kevin Durant dribbling kd 11

Notable details include the top line on the cupsole that reveals a subtle notch kick, a reference to Durant’s ’67 Lincoln Continental, and the remnant of a Swoosh from a prior model hits the lateral side. Oh, and the shoe can be dribbled apparently, just watch Kevin Durant do it.

According to Nike’s Josh Benedek, the KD 11 will be available on June 18. However, Nike’s official release says June and July in the ‘Paranoid’ (blue) and ‘Still KD’ (black/white) colorways. No pricing information has been announced.

kd 11 kevin durant leo chang

kevin durant nike kd 11

kd 11 kevin durant

kevin durant nike kd 11

nike kd 11 kevin durant

nike kd 11 kevin durant on foot

nike kd 11 kd11

KD 11 ‘Paranoid’

Nike KD 11 paranoid 2

Nike KD 11 paranoid 1

Nike KD 11 paranoid kevin durant

Nike KD 11 paranoid

Nike KD 11 paranoid heels


Source: Nike


  1. I’m liking everything about these for ball and casual besides that heel cup. It looks disjointed from the rest of the design and that pin/button thing doesn’t look functional. Excited to try the upper and cushioning tho. The outsole shape and curvature reminds me of the hd 2017

  2. This is one shoe I am certainly gonna get just out of sheer curiosity. React and Zoom… I’m IN. I really hope pricing stays the same as previous years. It looks like the shoes will be more accommodating to more foot types as well…. fingers crossed.

  3. This definitely looks chunkier than the previous model, but I’m liking the amount of tech and innovation they put into this shoe. If it stays at the same price as the previous model, this is a must try.

  4. I like the return to the earlier look for KD(they remind me of modernized 3’s, and 4’s).

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