Nike NBA Earned Edition Uniforms Have Been Officially Unveiled

Did your favorite NBA team make the playoffs last year? If so, you’ll soon have another option to show your support.

Today, Nike unveiled 16 new NBA uniforms, a reward to each of last season’s franchises that made the playoffs. As will be seen, the uniforms are basically re-colors of the participating teams’ Statement or City edition uniforms. While that may seem a little on the lazy side, who’s really going to complain about another Prince or Vice-themed uniform?

Enjoy the images below and if you are interested in any of the Earned edition uniforms, they will become available in limited quantities through Nike, the NBA Store and select retailers on December 19, followed by an on-court debut from select teams on Christmas Day.

Are the new Nike NBA Earned edition uniforms a pleasant sight or overkill by Nike and the NBA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments along with your favorite of the 16 designs.


Boston Celtics Earned Edition Jersey

Cleveland Cavaliers Earned Edition Jersey

Indiana Pacers Earned Edition Jersey

Miami Heat Earned Edition Jersey

Milkwaukee Bucks Earned Edition Jersey

Philadelphia 76ers Earned Edition Jersey

Toronto Raptors Earned Edition Jersey

Washington Wizards Earned Edition Jersey

Golden State Warriors Earned Edition Jersey

Houston Rockets Earned Edition Jersey

Minnesota Timberwolves Earned Edition Jersey

New Orleans Pelicans Earned Edition Jersey

Oklahoma City Thunder Earned Edition Jersey

Portland Trail Blazers Earned Edition Jersey

San Antonio Spurs Earned Edition Jersey

Utah Jazz Earned Edition Jersey

Source: Nike


  1. Yep.. wtf is up with the Houston one.. it’s plain and just literally says Houston. The Jazz and Bucks are cool.

      1. KD is too soft and thin-skinned for New York and the sports media there. Us Knicks fans aren’t gonna baby him, and neither will the sports writers.

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