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Nike LeBron 14 | Detailed Look and Review

The Nike LeBron 14 wasn’t easy to get as they released this morning. Quantities were limited and some sizes weren’t even available.

I was lucky enough to have gotten to my local Foot Locker before my size was gone as there was only 1 pair in the entire store — no other stores got the LeBron 14 in at all so I had one shot. If you wanted a quick detailed look at the shoe along with a first impression on the materials and tech then we hope you enjoy the video.

Let us know how your experience was with the LeBron 14 release. Were you successful in obtaining a pair? Stay tuned for the upcoming performance review and, as always, we appreciate your support.

  1. aw shit. another one of those shoes that the fit sucked. can’t wear these unfortunately. hope Nike be done with the whole 1 piece bootie BS or atleast change it to a more flexible neoprene material. hope the Elites would be just that.

    funny you mentioned about the mid zoom unit. I have the same notion why some people are complaining about a zoom unit in the mid region. it’s not like a full length zoom never existed. lol.

  2. I really like the utility look(the pricing needs to match the shoe though, it’s why the 13’s flopped, if these were Soldier 10 price(which they kinda should be), they’d be top-sellers).
    I couldn’t get my feet in so I won’t get them(I need a little stretch on 1-piece booties).

    The 1 thing this shoe needs for bigger guys though, is a stability-rim, a foam rim around the footbed to keep your feet on the footbed, lighter guys probably won’t notice, but that’s a fundamental need if you’re 250lbs+.

  3. Checked this out in person. The suede touch is nice, albeit just a touch. I could only assume these will go a similar path of the 12’s where they focused more on function than anything vs the predecessor, although I like the 11 a lot.

  4. What type of heel counter do they have? I have had a lot of issues with two things on recent LeBron models, the hard piece at the lateral side below the toe box (LeBron 12, 12 Elite and 13) and the heel counter (those models plus the 13 Elite, which otherwise was pretty good). I am encouraged by them doing away with all the weird crap in the upper (superfluous Foamposite material) and these seem like they will work well for me. But if there is some rock hard, internal heel counter again, I will have to pass. Thanks for the look, good vid.

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