Nike LeBron 12 Sample – Closer Look

We previously gave you a partial look at the lateral side of the ‘Dolphins’ colorway of the upcoming Nike LeBron 12, as well as a look at the new hexagonal zoom air cushioning on the outsole HERE.

These new images show a swoosh placement similar to the LeBron 9. The black portions might be hyperfuse, while the rest of the upper appears to be Flyknit. Like the LeBron 11, the 12 is double-lasted, meaning that the midsole is hidden inside the shoe’s construction. Flywire seems to be less evident than on the last few LeBron models, as it only appears near two lace holes.

Stay tuned to for more information on the sneakers, and an eventual performance review. Let us know in the comments if we missed any important features, and your general thoughts on the LeBron 12.

Nike LeBron 12 Sample - Closer Look 1 Nike LeBron 12 Sample - Closer Look 2



  1. They need to cut it out with this stupid drop in midsole crap. It’s a stupid gimmick that allows them to jack up the price. Besides I want my midsole to be part of the shoe. Glued on. Unable to slip or move at all once the shoe is broken in.

      1. “Like the LeBron 11, the 12 is double-lasted, meaning that the midsole is hidden inside the shoe’s construction” I have translation problems or you’re wrong Chris?

        1. You have translation problems. Not visible is not the same as drop in. It means the upper will enclose the midsole when it is glued together.

          1. Foamposites have a double lasted midsole and they don’t have a drop in midsole so just cause a shoe has a double lasted midsole doesnt mean that that midsole is a drop in midsole.

  2. These are going to be nuts. Mad people are hating on them now but just wait. I like em alot. Especially this CW. Im a dolphins fan but a bred Cw would be dope.

  3. They would be amazing IIIFFF the keep the sole from being interchangeable…that is way annoying to me

    1. I think it won’t be a drop-in midsole because the zoom is seen on the outsole. I think it also caused a lot of fit issues so they might just toss it.

  4. I have absolutely no interest in these. I cant remember a shoe that was so unappealing from the very first pics. its just so boring. they tried way too hard to make up for a horribly mediocre design w/ childish colors. nothing about the design makes me think it lends itself to performance. a very idiotic-looking choice of materials and placement for a basketball shoe. another hopelessly random “basketball” shoe in the LeBron line. nike has forgotten what their company used to be

  5. These are nice I don’t know how they will do an elite version of these and the last image I saw of these the midsole was visible

  6. Could the black portion be foamposite material? haven’t seen a fuse shoe with such defined lines.

      1. It almost looks like it could be that nike pro combat stuff they used in the 9s. It doesnt look as shiny as foamposite usually does, though pro combat really isnt stiff at all, so perhaps they would market it as ankle protection?

      1. Could be fuse, but the big shapes in that material look like they stick out a bit. I agree that its not shiny enough to be foamposite.

  7. looks better than the hideous previous version. I hope these are not clunky as the last one.

  8. @Nightwing this Lebron 12 are different to the other photos, compare the first photos with these ones, you can see in the first ones that they have a midsole and this ones not!!!

    1. No, well it doesn’t look, it looks like it it’s going have a heel zoom unit and a lot of zoom units in the forefoot, something like the podulon system from the CP3.VII.

  9. These are intriguing. Could be really light and have great ventilation. I hope the zonal zoom cushioning is responsive and not mushy like the XIs.

  10. I hope it’s thicker than it seems. LeBron’s feet need !ore reinforcement than just plain mesh, in my opinion.

      1. I used the Kobe 9 Elite as reference, and it looked a little different, so I had doubts. Maybe this LeBron 12 took that and improved it. Hopeful. The Kobe 9 Elite felt different in hand from comparing it to the pictures, so this might be good. 🙂

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