Nike LeBron 12 Launch Event Teaser Video

Nike Basketball recently posted a teaser event for the LeBron 12 launch, open to select media members:

Nike sure does pack a lot of information in a 15 second video. There are lions, birds, helicopters in there to blow your mind. There are also close-up shots of the ‘Lion Heart‘, ‘Instinct‘, ‘Dunkman‘, ‘Nerf‘ and ‘Dolphins‘ colorways. There’s also a quick shot of a foot strike showing off the hexagonal units in the forefoot.

The Nike LeBron 12 launch event will occur on Septermber 16th, 2014, which will likely lead into release details for all of the colorways listed above. Let us know what tidbits we missed by commenting below.


  1. I won’t even think twice about it, never getting a 12. Unless they come out with an elite that doesn’t have a swoosh trying to dig into the ground, and isn’t close to $300.

  2. Its gonna be funny as hell if he wears the Soldiers again this season.

    As far as the 12’s….. I have yet to see a colorway that makes me want them. It still looks like a early stage proof of concept sample. One that should have been rejected. I’m sure they are going to be beasts performance-wise but for that kind of money they need to be performance beasts AND look good.

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