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The Nike Kyrie 3 Deconstructed

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The Nike Kyrie 3 has been chopped by the team over at fastpass and it looks like the tech is almost exactly the same as what was used for the Kyrie 2 — and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The Kyrie 2 utilized an Ortholite insole but it looks like the Kyrie 3 insole does not feature the Ortholite logo…For a deconstructed comparison of the Kyrie 3 and Kyrie 2, hit page two of this post.

fastpass went hard on this deconstruction. The team measured the thicknesses and depth of almost every bit of traction on both the Kyrie 2 and Kyrie 3 outsoles. Additionally, they measured the spaces between the traction pattern nubs and compared the sockliner material. For the full deconstruction, head over to fastpass here.

Now that you’ve seen the Kyrie 3 deconstructed, does it change your opinion of the shoe? I still want to know if Kyrie actually plays in a version with no cushioning in the forefoot…

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nike kyrie 3 deconstructed 417

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nike kyrie 3 deconstructed 812

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  1. How hard would it be to install a zoom bag in the forefoot, from a donor pair?

    Kyries have excellent traction, more cushion would pish this model to elite performance level.

    1. The easy way would probably be use a Nike E-Cue insole, LeBron IV insole, or Flightposite insole, could be you need to adjust sizing slightly(the LeBron/Flightposite Zoom-insoles are a little fatter than the regular insole), the SB/E-Cue Zoom insoles are very lean though, could be a 1 for 1 swap.

      To cut a Zoom unit into the mid-sole, is tricky, I wouldn’t advice it, unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

      1. Good idea. I dont have an insole like that, so i was thinking of gutting the zoom out of some beater Nike shoes and cutting out spaces for them on an insole. Id have to glue them in then glue a fabric on top of them. Might be a safer alternative to cutting up a new shoe.

  2. I don’t get why they put a zoom bag in the heel and then put a super stiff layer of strobel on top that has no give and does not allow you to feel it. On that same subject, it would be nice on the firmer forefoot setups of the Adidas shoes if they left cut outs to feel the boost like they do in the heel.

  3. I’d like for them to get their hands on a pair that Kyrie actually plays in. There is no way in hell he can play in this exact setup.

  4. I’m starting to believe that Nike’s move with this is that they’re giving the people a signature shoe without the signature price, but withholding all the tech that would make this a performance shoe for the general public. Like if you want a performance shoe, you’ll have to go with a Hyperdunk or better. At $120, don’t expect much except looks. You can wear what Kyrie wears…somewhat.

    1. Thing is, the regular Hyperdunks are on sale everywhere for $100. I have no idea why anyone would buy the Kyrie’s when you can get the better performing Hyperdunks for cheaper.

  5. Seems like everyone wants some forefoot cushioning on this thing. Next year they should put zoom in the forefoot instead of the heel(you cant feel the heel zoom, anyway). Maybe also make a playoff/elite edition with full length zoom; just changing the upper on those isnt enticing enough.

      1. True, and thats another problem. When its confirmed that theres zoom somewhere on the shoe, the next question is “Can you feel it?” More and more often these days, the answer is no. I’ve been in 2 Nike outlets these holidays and felt no need to pick anything up except socks.

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